BFNS+ 2YMA Has Been Released!

So, I've just released the 1.0 version of BFNS+ 2 Year Modding Anniversary, a new edition of Baldi's Fun New School Plus. I hope you will enjoy playing this edition and the changes it has, and you can check it out below!

All future updates I will release for this edition will be found here:

Get Baldi's Fun New School Plus™ Classic Edition


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Or he will


how to get a true ending
tell me plz
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Watch this video of my new update:

Alright, i will watch it!

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Just for info, l made a decomple of the YTPs Elevator:

Wanna use it? (l can give you a code of it)

Alright, I would like to see the code.

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Here it is:

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