A downloadable modding anniversary for Windows and macOS

I've Been Modding For 2 Years!

To celebrate this special occasion, a new edition of Baldi's Fun New School Plus has been released! Similar to the original, Baldi's Fun New School Plus 2 Year Modding Anniversary Edition REALLY  brings the fun. As you play, you'll notice some differences, such as notebook rooms now having different doors, cakes and balloons scattered around the hallways and cafeterias, as well as some minor improvements to make gameplay more enjoyable. However, not everything is as it first seems, and as you progress, you'll eventually uncover the tru̵̧̫͑̑̀̚̚͝ţ̷̘͕̖̻͍͉͍̗͓͌́̔̽̿͗̉̂̅͑̽̍͊̉h̵̢͎̮͕͔͉̬̮͎̹̆̓̇̋̕ͅ WAIT, DON'T LISTEN TO THAT TEXT! This game somehow got even more corrupt, than before. I want to help you, but I can't talk for long. He's coming. If you put in TRUTH on the achievements screen, it might just save your lį̴̡̩̩̱͈̩͖͈͚͕̫̯̃͑̀́̏̔͗̔̈́f̵̘̮̱̮͈̯̯̜͕͋͘͜ě̴͎̬͕̰̩̘̦͙̹̼͚͓͓̠̐̊̈͋́̈́̾̽̈̍. I hope you will enjoy playing this new edition of BFNS Plus, and you never know what item you might get from a gift!


Here's some differences between this edition and Alpha 4 of BFNS Plus.

  • The Welcome Messages Have Been Changed
  • The Wooden Room Area Is Now A Partial Library
  • Most Characters Are Now Wearing Party Hats (To Celebrate)
  • Some New Sounds Have Been Added
  • The You Can Text Pad Has Gotten An Overhaul
  • All The Items Are Now In Gifts, Meaning You Won't Know What You'll Get
  • Balloons And Cakes Have Been Added On Each Floor In Experience Mode
  • And More!


  • Basically, Games! - Created Baldi's Basics
  • JohnsterSpaceProgram - Made This Mod
  • Nanes Potatoes - Made Anim8or Birthday Baldi Model Used
  • Contributors - Saintza, TheBaldiModder452, KayipKux, PorkyPowers, and others!
  • Chris24XD - Original Idea For The Balloon Bash Challenge Idea
  • And You - Thanks For Playing!


Is This A New Ending In This Edition? 

Yes, there are actually 2 new endings, which are only found in this edition of Baldi's Fun New School Plus. All I'm going to say is, maybe read the story to possibly find out how to get one?

Can I Make Mods Of This? 

Yes, like with the normal version, you can also make mods of this edition as well.


Original Mod: https://johnsterspacegames.itch.io/baldis-fun-new-school-plus

Twitter: http://twitter.com/JohnsterGames

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/jspbeta

Gamejolt: https://gamejolt.com/@JohnsterSpaceProgram

Baldi's Fun New School Series Wiki: https://baldis-fun-new-school-series.fandom.com/

© 2018-2020 JohnsterSpaceGames


BFNS+ Modding Anniversary V1.1 (Win 64-Bit)
BFNS+ Modding Anniversary V1.1 (Win 32-Bit)
BFNS+ Modding Anniversary V1.1 (MacOS)
BFNS+ 2YMA OS Project (V1.1)

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