V1.1 Changelog

So, I've just released a minor update for BFNS Plus 2 Year Modding Anniversary, which is mainly some fixes and well as improvements. Enjoy playing the update! The changelog is below:

  • Updated Title Screen
  • Made The Title Screen Less Stretched
  • Fixed The True Ending Being Impossible To Get
  • Fixed A Mini-Cake Floating On Floor 2
  • Fixed Being Able To Walk Through The Cake In The Ending
  • Added Trees And Balloons In The Bad Ending
  • Re-Textured Some Doors On Floor 3 That I Forgot To
  • Added Coming Soon Text For An Upcoming Mode

In an upcoming version (maybe the next one), I'm going to try and add a new mode, which is currently listed as coming soon. I'm also planning on releasing a trailer for this edition soon on the mod's channel in a similar style to the BB+ one, so when it's released, the trailer will be posted here. Anyways, enjoy the update! https://twitter.com/JohnsterGames/status/1267604862927282178


BFNS+ Modding Anniversary V1.1 (Win 64-Bit)
Jun 01, 2020
BFNS+ Modding Anniversary V1.1 (Win 32-Bit)
Jun 01, 2020
BFNS+ Modding Anniversary V1.1 (MacOS)
Jun 01, 2020

Get BFNS Plus™ Modding Anniversary Edition! (1.1)


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JohnsterSpaceGames can you make v1.2

Plz for Android

Yeah Android


No android

I’m a joke to you

how to get a true ending
tell me plz

The trailer is now out, you can watch it below:

Like I've said, it's in a very similar style to the Baldi's Basics plus trailer, although with a few differences.

Deleted 2 years ago

What about Android

I seen that trailer

and seen Baldi's Basics plus trailer