Version 1.0 Has Been Released!

So, Baldi's Fun New School Plus Modding Anniversary Edition has been released! Enjoy playing this special edition, and the changelog is below:

- Added A New Title Screen

- Fixed A Spelling Error On Mode Select Screen
- Updated Text And Some Screens
- Replaced Items With Gifts From Baldi
- Gave Characters Party Hats
- Added Some New Sounds
- You Can Now Again Press Enter In The You Can Text Pad
- Overhauled The You Can Text Pad With A New Design
- Made Beans' Animations Faster
- The Wooden Room Area On Floor 3 Has Become A Partial Library
- Added 1st Prize's Bang Sound
- Added Cakes And Balloons
- Revamped And Improved The Pause Menu
- Added A New Eatable Mini-Cake. Find It On Some Desks/Tables!
- Added New Door Textures For Principal's Office And Classrooms
- Added A New Item
- Added Some New Textures
- Added A New Vending Machine Type
- Made Balloon Colors Randomized Each Time You Play
- Added 6 Fun-Lockable Achievements (Click The Present On Title Screen!)
- Added A Notification When Getting An Achievement
- Added 2 New Endings (True And Bad Endings)

I may update this several times in the future, but for now, enjoy playing! The OS project version will be released tommorow.


BFNS+ Modding Anniversary 1.0 (Win 64-Bit)
Jun 01, 2020
BFNS+ Modding Anniversary 1.0 (Win 32-Bit)
Jun 01, 2020
BFNS+ Modding Anniversary 1.0 (MacOS)
Jun 01, 2020

Get BFNS Plus™ Modding Anniversary Edition! (1.1)


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  • JohnsterSpageGames sorry for android  :-( 😫😫😫😭😭😭😭 plz

v1.1 is coming out today, and will have some fixes and improvements as well as a coming soon for a new planned mode!



first btw

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So, without realizing it, the downloads for 1.0 were actually locked! However, they should be downloadable now, as I've fixed the problem. If you tried downloading it before, you should try again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

But JonsterSpaceGames