A downloadable Fun New School Plus for Windows and macOS

Welcome To Baldi's Fun New School Plus!

BFNS Plus is the sequel to Baldi's Fun New School which is currently under development. The final version is planned to have features such as More Floors And LevelsNew CharactersMultiple EndingsRandom EventsImprovements, and more. At the moment, Alpha versions are available, which include some of these features. Later versions will add these features over time. As the mod gets closer to 1.0, more will be added, and when the final version comes out, which is planned for Late 2021 or Early 2022, there should be a lot content wise! (Note: BFNS Plus is still in development, so you might encounter bugs or glitches)

About BFNS Plus

In this game, you must collect notebooks while avoiding Baldi. At first, things might seem normal, but once you answer wrong, Baldi will start chasing you! Not only do you have to worry about Baldi, but also his friends! You'll see some familiar faces, along with new ones! His friends can either help or hinder your progress as you explore the floors, looking for all the notebooks with some floors having secondary objectives as well. Items are also scattered around, which can slow down Baldi and his friends, or help you get away from them. On each floor, you must collect all the notebooks before you can leave the school. As you progress in Adventure Mode, you'll discover not everything is as it seems...

Many Fun Gamemodes

There are planned to be a total of 7 playable gamemodes once the mod is finished. These modes are...

Adventure ModePlay through 5 increasingly difficult floors to win!  As you progress, the floors will increase in size, character amount, and difficulty! You'll also get a chance to visit matt's school store or do a field trip to get some more items between each floor! A save system for this mode is planned to be added.

Random Mode: Each time you play, a random floor will be selected out of 3 different floors! Each floor will have different characters, items, and scenery!

Infinite Mode: Collect as many notebooks as possible and test your skill in a somewhat challenging floor.

Challenge Mode: Test your skill in unique and interesting challenges! In one challenge, portals might be appearing and disappearing randomly. In another, the school might of turned into a dense forest, with trees everywhere! Certain challenges are unlocked by finding items and completing floors.

Field Trip Mode: Play several field trips with Baldi! Try winning 3 randomly selected field trips in a row, or try out each one individually and see how good you are!

Floor Customizer: Create and play a customized floor! You can choose what characters are active, the floor's size, and more!

And Ultimate Mode: You need to collect 18 notebooks in a giant school while avoiding Baldi and 11 other characters. Items will be harder to find, and random events might happen faster and/or last longer.

Lots Of Features

Besides gamemodes, many features are also planned, with some of them already being added. A few of these are:

New CharactersBesides Baldi and the original cast, there are also new characters, such as ClockerKing Of DoorsTomnado, and more!

More SettingsThere's more changeable settings in-game, such as quality, screen resolution, and other settings!

Multi-Platform SupportWhile BFNS only supported Windows, BFNS Plus will support more platforms! Currently, Windows and MacOS versions are available, but Linux and Browser versions are also planned to be released!

Improved Level DesignWhile the level design in BFNS was good, there are a lot of improvements that could have been made to it. In BFNS Plus however, levels will have better design, such as different floor textures depending on the type of room, new structures such as rotohalls, fountains, and merry-go-rounds, and more!


Links to content relating to BFNS Plus can be visited below:


BFNS Plus will greatly expand upon the original mod with many new additions and features. Without all of you, I couldn't of gotten this far!

© 2020-2021 JohnsterSpaceGames

Install instructions

Download the desired .zip file for your platform. If you don't have a .zip file extraction program, download 7zip or WinRAR. The files should already be in a folder when you extract it. Enjoy playing! Note: If your downloading the BFNS+ OS Project version, you need Unity 2018.3.9f1 to open the project's files. To enable shadows, you need to go to "Options" and then set the Quality to "2018".


BFNS+_Multiversion_Installers 490 MB
BFNS+_Alpha 5_Windows 64-Bit
BFNS+_Alpha 5_Windows 32-Bit
BFNS+_Alpha 5_MacOS
BFNS+ OS Project (Alpha 5)

Development log

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Hey JSP... I Made The New Trailer Of BFNS+

Here It Is:

Well... Can You Please Add The Trailer Video To The Mod's Pages.

Well... Itch.io Allowed To Put Game Pages Vimeo... Also... When My Channel Gets Restored... My BFNS+ Will Be Back

Oh Wait... Please Add Me Credit For BL25 Making Trailer:

I'm looking for someone to do voicelines for the player which will be added in a future BFNS Plus update. If you know someone who can do them or if you want to do them yourself, please contact me, either in a reply to this comment or send me an email at johnsterspaceprogram2@gmail.com

Hey JohnsterSpookGames! It is okay to use 0th Prize and Clocker from Baldi's Fun New School series for my mod?

Yes, you can use those characters.

Deleted 8 hours ago

The Trailer Is Deleted... Why... Beacuse My Channel Got Suspend For 2 Weeks

Android game pls

Can you add a beta tester link pls.

(1 edit)

NO... Dont Ask To JSP


shut up.

no, he wont give you one


I've started working on a wiki for the Baldi's Fun New School Series of mods. You can visit it here: https://baldis-fun-new-school-series.fandom.com/


Here's my map:


Hey JohnsterSpaceProgam! How did you make Main Menu like in Baldi's Fun New School Remastered?

I made the main menu in BFNS Remastered by first creating a main menu script (you can view it here: https://pastebin.com/EN7qhFeT) and then I made it so when you click/tap one of the buttons that isn't the play or credits button, the menu camera plays one of its movement animations and the main menu UI gets disabled and once the menu camera finishes its movement animation, the new UI screen gets enabled (achievements screen, settings screen, etc). Each UI screen also has its own script starting with MainMenu (MainMenuAchievements, MainMenuItemAlmanac, etc). This might sound complicated, but hopefully you understand.

Thanks! And i will use this for my big Baldi's Basics mod project named "Baldi's Hyper Fun Schoolhouse"!


I already used this script.

Let Me See Your Game Main Menu How Does Looks Like

Can you make video tutorial not video image like @AlexYoutube plz insist, JSP

I Dont Know How

(Sigh) Ok fine


Im So Exited! For BFNS Alpha 6!

Will be available on Android?

(2 edits) (+1)

Maybe when he adds alpha 6

Update Good

Hi johnsterspacepogram when alpha 6 comes will bfns plus 2yma v1.2 look like this? 

What About Field Trip To New Like BB+ 0.3

BFNS + Alpha 

(7 edits) (+1)

I've posted a new development video showing a look at the Accountanator System! You can view it here: https://twitter.com/JohnsterGames/status/1432957372826210315

In terms of functionality, it's now mostly complete! Also, if you're not following me on Twitter, I recommend you should so you can get notified when I post development videos, images, announcements, and more!


Hey JSP... I Uploaded Sneak Peek BNFS+ Alpha 6 New YCTP On YouTube...

How Does Looks Like


thank you for my models (dr. reflex and timtom)

BrawniesrLine25Basics i know thats you


Hey johnsterspace pogram when alpha 6 comes can baldi on text pad look like this

this is too low quality bitch.

Im not a bitch

(2 edits) (+1)

The Name Entering System will be replaced by the Accountanator System in Alpha 6 of BFNS Plus. You can read more info about it here: https://johnsters-baldi-mods.fandom.com/wiki/Accountanator_System. I've also included some voicelines on the page. Also, I can't believe this is my 600th post!

Show post...

Hey JohnsterSpaceProgram... I Made Baldi Fun New School Plus Update... Here:

Also... Give Me My Suggestion Here On 1.4:https://itch.io/post/4363085

Hey johnsterspacepogram when alpha 6 comes will mad baldi will still be like this?

(1 edit)

For Alpha 6 I'm redoing all of baldi's sprites so the sprites for mad baldi will also be changed.

What's he gonna look like?

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Can You Add BFNS+ Credit

BrawniestLine25/BrawniestLine25 Basics - Creating Video BFNS+ Update Trailer


Here's a behind the scenes look of the new elevator design coming to alpha 6 of bfns plus being made in blender. I've also included a concept at the very bottom of what it might look like in-game (placeholders aside).

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Hey JohnsterSpaceProgram I Uploaded Video New Elevator Update

How Does Looks Like


Hey johnster I made a video yesterday for beta 1 version of bfns plus

V2 will come

Hey johnster when beta comes can you you add this for when you playing story or endless mode the inside and outside elevator

(1 edit)

Low quality

Your low quality



How do you type bold


*B O L D I*

Hey johnster can you put a hide 'n seek mode for beta

Show post...

Hey JohnsterSpaceProgram... Can You Add Extra In Beta 1 Please... Here Screenshots...

Custom Music-1.0

Custom Name-Beta 2

Cheats-Beta 3

Archievements-Lastest And Final Version

Reset Date-Beta 2

I Wanted BFNS+ Extra Added On Beta 1 Please

JSG I made a alpha 6 menu. Check this out

Johnster when alpha 6 come's out can you make a new Quality. Like 2021 Quality


Here's a teaser of baldi's updated wave animation coming in Alpha 6. Sprite sheets will now be used for storing animation frames instead of each frame of an animation being a separate sprite. For example, instead of the animation for baldi's wave taking up 61 separate sprites, its now stored on 3 sprite sheets, which means it takes up a lot less space in the mod's files.


Baldi Wave Sheet 2

Baldi Wave Sheet 3


Is that the new baldi


Can you also make it for android please

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Hey JohnsterSpaceProgram... I Made A BFNS+ Alpha 6 Baldi New Wave Video

How Does Looks Like...
(1 edit)

Well, I posted a teaser of the new elevator design that will be replacing the current one in Alpha 5 when Alpha 6 comes out.

Show post...

Well Ok


Show post...

Hey JohnsterSpaceProgram... Can You Play Scott Cawthon Games And Upload On Youtube... Link:https://real-scott-cawthon.itch.io/

Scott Cawthon Was Real And Created On June.20.2021 Itch.io Account

Show post...

Hey Guys... I Made Baldi Fun New School Plus Alpha 6 New Map And New Floor Update Video... Check It Out... (Its Sneak Peek Update Map)


The map layouts for all 5 floors in adventure mode have been finished! You can view them by either going to the mode's page on the JBM wiki (https://johnsters-baldi-mods.fandom.com/wiki/Adventure_Mode) or you can take a look at them below.

As you can see, some of the things planned to be added to the mod I mentioned in dev. update 8 can be seen here (like the flooded room with the rotating vending machine and the item-o-matic machine).

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Hey JSP... I Made Baldi Fun New School Plus Alpha 6 New Map And New Floor Update Video... How Does Looks Like

Looks good! Also, I have already started building the maps in the mod. Here is a development image.

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Thanks... Can You See My Video Called BFNS+ Alpha 6 Trailer I Made

(1 edit)

Yes, I saw it and I added the trailer video to the mod's pages.

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Thanks JSP... Can You Subscribe My Channel If You Like Me

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What Will Alpha 6 On Release Date Please

Well, I don't have a release date for it yet, but when the update is closer to being finished I'll make a new development update about alpha 6 progress and when I expect to release it. Also, the floor customizer might be temporarily disabled in that update while it's improved. If I do that, it would become available again in the beta 1 update.

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I Made Baldi Fun New School Plus Alpha 6 Trailer (Check It Out)


Show post...

This Video Is Not Fake... Its Real

JSP Will See My Trailer Video And He Will Something Comment

Hmm... i see

Then your dumb


Show post...

Do You Like Trailer Alpha 6


Deleted 64 days ago

No, it's not, Alpha 6 should be out soon, as far as I know.


Actually, I do still plan on working on this. Like Shaiw said, I do plan on releasing an Alpha 6 version soon.

ok bromer

vary cool

can you send baldi to hell to burn?

No alpha 6?

Why alpha 5 all the scence is pitched black by the test? Alpha 6 change to normal

hi modder

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