A downloadable Fun New School Plus for Windows and macOS

Welcome To Baldi's Fun New School Plus!

Baldi's Fun New School Plus is the currently under development sequel to Baldi's Fun New School. The final version is planned to have features such as More LevelsNew CharactersBetter SettingsMultiple EndingsRandom EventsImprovements, and more. At the moment, Alpha versions are available, which include some of the features, although not all. Later versions will add these features over time. As the mod gets closer to 1.0, new things and improvements will be added, and when the final version comes out, which is planned for Summer 2020, it should have a lot content-wise! Also, keep in mind this is still under development, so you might encounter bugs or glitches. 

About Baldi's Fun New School Plus

In this game, you must collect notebooks while avoiding Baldi. At first, things might seem normal, but once you answer wrong, Baldi will start coming after you! Not only do you have to worry about Baldi, but also his friends! You'll see some familiar faces, along with new ones! His friends can either help or hinder your progress as you explore the levels, looking for all the notebooks. Items are also scattered around, which can slow down Baldi and his friends, or help you get away from them. In each level you must collect all the notebooks before you can leave the school. As you progress in Experience Mode, you'll discover not everything is as it seems...

Multiple Game Modes

In the final version, there are planned to be a total of 6 main game modes, some of which will consist of multiple playable modes. The planned modes are...

Experience Mode:  Play through increasingly difficult levels to win! As you progress, the levels will increase in size, character amount, and difficulty!

Chosen Mode: Each time you play, a different level will be selected! Each level will have different characters, items, and scenery!

Infinite Mode: Collect as many notebooks as possible and test your skill in a somewhat challenging level.

Challenge Mode: Test your skill in unique and interesting challenges! In one challenge, you might be floating around with a balloon. In another, the school might of turned into a dense forest, with trees everywhere!

Trip Mode: Play several field trips with Baldi! Try winning four randomly selected field trips in a row, or try out each one individually and see how good you are!

And Ultimate Mode: You need to collect 18 notebooks in a giant school while avoiding Baldi and 9 other characters. Items will be harder to find, and Random Events might happen faster and/or last longer.

Many Features

Besides game modes, many features are also planned in the final version. Some of these are:

New Characters - Besides Baldi and the original cast, there will also be new characters, such as ClockerKing Of DoorsTomnado, and others!

More Settings -  There's more changeable settings in-game, such as quality, screen resolution, and other settings!

Multi-Platform Support - While Baldi's Fun New School only supported Windows, Baldi's Fun New School Plus will support more operating systems! Currently, it supports Windows and MacOS, but a Linux version is also planned to eventually release!

Improved Level Design - While The Level Design In Baldi's Fun New School was good, it wasn't great, and many improvements could of been added. In Baldi's Fun New School Plus however, levels will have better design, such as different floor textures depending on the type of room, new structures such as rotohalls, fountains, and merry-go-rounds, and more!


Links to content relating to Baldi's Fun New School Plus can be visited below:


  • Basically Games/mystman12 - Made Baldi's Basics, Music From Joe's Ultimate Bus Ride
  • JohnsterSpaceProgram - Made This Mod
  • Nanes Potatoes - Made The Anim8or Baldi Model
  • Saintza/Splintza - Made Some Music, Helped Me With Font, Deafen Character Idea, Helped Me With Adding Beans
  • TheBaldiModder452 - Made Some Map Layouts, Other Help
  • KayipKux - Also Gave Me Some Map Layouts
  • PorkyPowers - Made a wall texture with a baldi comic on it


Can I Make Mods Of This? 

Yes, you can! Just make sure to give me credit for the original mod and you should be good. I'm looking forward to seeing what mods people make with this!

I Submitted An Idea, Will It 100% Appear In The Mod?

Well, that depends. From all of the suggestions I've got, only some have been added so far. When submitting an idea, it should be good, as the best ones are generally added first.

For Those Who Want To Contribute

I know there are people out there who like contributing ideas for my mods, so I've made an easy way to do so! Just go to one of the links below, and submit your idea! Some submitted ideas have already been added, and more are planned. Also, submissions must be appropriate and not already used. 

Baldi's Fun New School Plus will greatly expand upon the original mod with many new additions and features. Also, thanks to everyone who's played and given me ideas so far! Without all of you, I couldn't of gotten this far! More Info Can Be Found Here (Outdated): https://drive.google.com/file/d/17d5IG9gNJO3ulxI7aiRaXQnWACgV6c_a/view?usp=shari...

© 2018 - 2020 Johnster Space Games

Baldi's Fun New School Plus Gameplay Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLURarhFDayNaNxxWsgSwVc977bsjQn1FK

Install instructions

Download the desired .zip file for your platform. If you don't have a .zip file extraction program, download 7zip or WinRAR. The files should already be in a folder when you extract it. Enjoy playing! Note: If your downloading the BFNS+ OS Project version, you need Unity 2018.3.9f1 to open the project's files. To enable shadows, you need to go to "Options" and then set the Quality to "2018".


BFNS+_Multiversion_Installers 490 MB
BFNS+_Alpha 5_Windows 64-Bit
BFNS+_Alpha 5_Windows 32-Bit
BFNS+_Alpha 5_MacOS
BFNS+ OS Project (Alpha 5)

Development log

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¿podrian sacar una version para android?

Can't you make .zip file, not installer?!


(1 edit) (+2)

All previously released BFNS+ versions are now back! You can find out more here: https://johnsterspacegames.itch.io/baldis-fun-new-school-plus/devlog/180005/old-...

@JohnsterSpaceGames Hey Man What's up can you join me In robloxs later tonight?


BFNS+ has now reached a total of over 16,000 views and 8,000 downloads on itch.io alone! Thanks again for the continued support of the project, which more people have downloaded and played than I could of imagined! To celebrate this milestone, I will be bringing back every previously released version of BFNS+ as well as some development versions of alpha 1 and 4 which were never publicly released in a file that will contain installers for each version. It will be the first test of using a new installation method, which will hopefully be used in future releases of the mod.



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that's nice but can you make alpha 6?

Uhh where is alpha 6? Did you cancel it?

hey since you did an open source version of the original baldis fun school maybe you could do it again but with this

Actually, he already has. It's under the name: "BFNS+ OS Project (Alpha 5)

ohb ikbkhb ihbkhbibkhbkhb

Hey, is this still being worked on?


hi you can do android version???

what cool?, goo-





I faanliy got  the sonic dvd

I send to you my character to Field Trip (Stick Machine), i also made the audios, but i can't send with the sprites, so i'll place here:

When she see you:https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/730862528632193138/735859936533414049/SM_...

When you click on she:


If you already used she:


When she starts to move:


When she give to you the Sticks:



Are You Going Do To Alpha 6 Or Not?


In Alpha 6, The Test has to make the school bright again. It's what he's supposed to do.

Alpha 6 Needs:

  • The Nametag item now works against Beans and Chalkles. They will ignore you while you are wearing it.
  • When wandering into open areas, NPCs will now avoid picking the edges to walk to if possible. This means that hiding in a corner or against a wall with a chalk eraser cloud is a guaranteed way to successfully hide from someone, as there is no chance they will wander close to the wall. Just make sure they didn't see you before using the chalk eraser!
  • Principal of the Thing can now send It's a Bully to detention if he sees him bullying the player.
  • Extended time for the party event. It will now last anywhere from 50 to 80 seconds. Previously, it could last from 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Extended time for the mystery room event. It will now last anywhere from 90 to 120 seconds. Previously, it could last from 45 to 60 seconds.
  • Added a version number to the sign-in screen.
  • Lowered guilt time for using the BSODA from 3 seconds to 0.8 seconds. With this change, Principal of the Thing practically has to see you use the BSODA in order to scold you for it.
  • Removed the rare one-way walls from level 3. Yes these were intentional and yes, the cursed things will make a comeback some day.
  • Subtitles that are missing a value will now simply display the key it's looking for instead of the generic "Localized text not found" message.
  • Removed some unnecessary debug warnings that could potentially cause slowdown.
  • Bug fixes:
    • NPCs can no longer pass through Math Machines
    • Doors now make noise when opened by NPCs (Before they only made noise when closing after opened by an NPC).
    • Fixed a bug that caused notebooks to spawn a bit further away from the math machine each time they were spawned in endless mode.
    • Made improvements to save functionality that will hopefully prevent save data corruption.
    • Instead of crashing, the game will now display an error screen when a corrupted save is attempting to load.
    • If the high scores data file is corrupted, the game will now automatically reset it to defaults.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the backer credits not to display.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed buttons to spawn in mystery rooms.
    • Fixed the invisible trees in the playgrounds of pre-made levels.
    • Entering "-" into a seed field will no longer crash the game, and will instead select a random seed.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Mrs. Pomp to start attacking the player when they clicked on a locked door.
    • When getting moved while inside a locker (By using a teleporter or getting teleported by Arts and Crafters for example) you will now be removed from the locker.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed you to place portal posters on tiles that Chalkles could spawn on.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed you to place portal posters on tiles that are blocked on the player's side of the wall.
    • Fixed the subtitle for Chalkles spawning sound being too short.

You copied the Description of the BB+ Devlog

why did you copy also there is no mystery room in Baldi's fun new school + or any event.

Where is alpha 6?

Theres no alpha 6 :(


Is this still being worked on or no?

amazing game bro 

add mrs pomp

I'd like to read you noteboo lol



Hey there! I submitted two characters for your mod: Mr. Pop and Boomer (they have the name JayD where it asks for the username, since I just created this account today). I was hoping you would be able to use at least one of them in your mod at some point?

Also, I put up the sprites for my characters if anyone's curious.

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi! I have question, android version will be added in alpha 6 or not?

why do you want them on Android?

Yeah we want alpha 6 Android

its a kind?

i'm a programmer if i need i can help you with the web or with the game itself and i'm from brazil but i get used

it is impossible because there is a character who does not let me see why he turns off the lights. and the rotating curve of the corridor has no button to activate can you create a room with the button to activate?

Could you Port thus Game to Android?

He does not do port he does not put Android and that's annoying

How did you made Level Customator?

l'm playing this and l'm really comfused, and l wanna make it to Stencyl (to my BBFMD game) and l don't know how.

hey JSP, Can We Be Friends? :O

Glitch Report

  • When The Test end the fog, the schoolhouse have black and i can't see nothing.
  • When i use Vision Soda, it don't works, but it make my game more lagged for a short time.

????????? This is like a baby typed it, it makes no sense???? When The test end the fog???? the schoolhouse have black???? when i use vision soda it don't works???!?1?!?! but it make my game more lagged?!?!!?!? LIKE WHAT THE HECK!?!?

(1 edit)

Yes, i'm baby....NO, I'M PORTUGUESE


oh  sorry the  guy you knew is gone.



... Oh you'll see... when it comes to ROBLOX....

(1 edit)

Yep also a stupid asshole who still blocked me.

That's Why he's a CS124 Fan, That he Blocked you for that Cotepus

but he blocked me because, I was saying harsh things to his friend (I already apologised him with my 3rd account).


That's Sad

ik, oh and also, retarded and awtistic.

For alpha 5, I'm planning on releasing a few minor updates, mainly to improve things and add to the level customizer.

(1 edit)

could you please use the character i submitted you dont have to but id really appreciate it if you did

Same with mine, I really want to see Boomer in the game :-P

Also alpha 6, typo

jsp are you going to continue bfns+ 2 years modding anniversary edition? and if you are going, how we get the true ending?

i make this here because i think if i do it on bfns+ 2yma page you are not gonna answer me


yes, I do plan on returning to work on the 2 year modding anniversary edition. And the way to get the true ending is by typing the letters TRUTH in order on the achievements screen. The true ending is currently a placeholder, but I plan on adding a lot more to it in an update.

So, after looking at some challenge submissions, these are the ones I'm planning on adding first: Night Lockdown, Forest, and Catchy Items. I know who suggested night lockdown, but if the person who submitted the catchy items suggestion also wants to be credited, I need to know who they are.

(2 edits)

'Q: Will The Final Version Cost Money?

A: No, it will not! Like the current versions, the final version will also be free to download and play. '

Yeah glad it won't cost money because otherwise you would most likely get in legal trouble

Besides though I don't recommend you to share this to the public though, as what from I see it has some and maybe even ALL features that Baldi's Basics + has and that also could get you in legal trouble. 

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