A New Edition Has Started Being Developed!

BFNS Plus Modding Anniversary Edition

So, if you didn't know already, I've started working on a new edition of BFNS Plus! Named Baldi's Fun New School Plus 2 Year Modding Anniversary, it will be similar to the original, although there will also be some new stuff. I'm planning on releasing the first version of it tommorow, and these are some things I'm planning on adding:

  • A New Item
  • Balloons And Cakes In Hallways And Cafeterias
  • More Secrets
  • Some New Interactables
  • More/New Textures
  • Achievements (Possibly)
  • Improvements To Gameplay
  • As Well As Other Things!

I'll be putting up the page for this edition later today, and I hope your excited for it! I've included dev. images above if you want a sneak peek at some of what's already been finished. https://twitter.com/JohnsterGames/status/1266773208029696007

Edit: The page for the edition is now up, you can view it here: https://johnsterspacegames.itch.io/bfns-plus-2-year-modding-anniversary

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