Dev. Update #7: New Ideas!

Hello, and welcome to development update 7! After having to spend some time last week finishing up school, I'm now done with it for the summer, which means I finally have time to go back to developing this! Sorry its been so long since the last update, but in today's dev. update, I'll talk about some new ideas I've gotten for the mod, as well as the next planned update, Alpha 4.1, which will hopefully release later today!

New Mode Idea

So, one of the ideas I got for this mod is a new game mode called Reversed Roles. In this game mode you would play as one the characters, trying to stop a student from collecting all the notebooks and escaping. You can choose from different characters to play as, like Baldi, Playtime, and maybe even The Principal. When playing as Baldi, your goal is to catch the student by ruler slapping after them. Each time they get a notebook, your slap delay gets lower, meaning you can slap faster. You win when you catch the student or lose when they get to all the exits. When playing as Playtime, your goal is to make the player jumprope five times so they lose. You are slower than the player at first, but over time as they get notebooks you get faster. For playing as The Principal, your goal would be to send the player to detention four times so they lose. However, I'm not sure how I would add this mode, as it could be buggy and not work sometimes. If I do try adding the mode though, I'll tell you if it worked or not! 

Think Pad Points

Another idea I've gotten is adding Think Pad Points, or TPPs! The way they would work is very similar to You Thought Points. You could earn them by completing a floor or collecting a notebook. Everytime you collect a notebook, you would get 5 or 10 TPPs. For completing a floor, you would earn 50 TPPs. You might be able to use these points at a shop that would be accessed on the main menu to buy starting items, which might last for one or several floors. When they get first added though, they won't have any purpose, although that will hopefully come later!

Alpha 4.1 Update

So, if you didn't already know, I'm finally releasing a new update for BFNS+ today! Called Alpha 4.1, it is a minor update to Alpha 4 which mainly improves some things. High Graphics will be less intense, as well as some other improvements.

Anyways, that's about it for this dev. update. I hope you enjoyed it, and stay tuned for more!

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So by later today you mean midnight Tuesday at gmt+1?

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Wow  amazing updates!!!

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i dont think he wants to see your stuff now be quiet and god bless you

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Well l said 'cos he has seen my game and thanks god bless you too.