Alpha 4 Is Out! Here's The Changelog

So, Alpha 4 of Baldi's Fun New School Plus™ is finally out! After 2 weeks of development, the update is finally ready, and is the biggest update I've released for the project so far. A lot of tweaks and improvements have been made. The full changelog is below:

- Added 9 New Chalkboards
- Added A Chalkboard In The Classroom Without One On Floor 1
- Replaced Some Chalkboards With New Ones
- Updated Warning Screen
- Updated Mode Info Screen
- Moved Settings On Options Screen
- You Can No Longer Lose On Floor Err In Free-Run
- Added New Sprites For Camping And Farming Baldi
- Camping Baldi's Sprite Near The Bus Is Now Properly Two Sided
- Beans' Gum Screen Now Adjusts For Different Screen Resolutions
- The Elevator Now Adjusts For Different Screen Resolutions
- When You Lose, You Restart On The Floor You Lost On
- Baldi Now Uses A New Anger System, He Slows Down Over Time
- Added Floor 3 In Experience Mode
- Added 2 New Areas, Playground And Wooden Room (On Floor 3)
- Sprites Are Now Affected By Changes In Lighting And Color
- Slightly Reduced Gotta Sweep's Collider And Sprite Size
- Added Non-Functional Lockdown Doors On Floor 3
- Added A New Crazy Ending
- Slightly Decreased Baldi's Anger Increase Value (1 to 0.9)
- Added A Minimap (Floor 3)
- Tweaked Some Scripts And Code
- Removed The Loud Sound Playing When You Get Exits
- Added A Name Entering And Resetting System
- Added Special Player Names (Baldi, etc). Try entering one in to see what it says!
- Added Random Welcome Messages For The Player's Name
- Slightly Chaned Some Item Names
- Added A Few More Posters On Floor 2
- Gave Water Fountains And BSODA/Zesty Machines A Non-Walkable Navmesh-Static
- Changed Some Comic Walls Filter To Point, So They're No Longer Blurry

I've also added a README file with some tips as well as the changelog. Enjoy playing the update, and very soon, I'll start working on the special 2 year modding anniversary edition of the mod! The page for that edition should be up in a few days, so when it comes out, I'll post another devlog here. Thanks for being patient, and your continued support of the project!


BFNS Plus_Alpha 4_Windows_64Bit
May 27, 2020
BFNS Plus_Alpha 4_Windows_32Bit
May 27, 2020
BFNS Plus_Alpha 4_MacOS
May 27, 2020
BFNS+ OS Project (Alpha 4)
May 27, 2020

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This is a HUGE update!

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Is level 3 is after the fixing errors minigame?

Yes. When you go back to the elevator after repairing all 8 tubes and getting 1 exit, instead of getting a win screen, you get brought to the elevator that brings you to floor 3.

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l was close to beat it, until the Blue Baldi catched me.

Q: Can l have a wooden wall, and l blue light sprite please?

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Thanks! There's a lot of changes in the update, and now you can enter your name when you play!

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First. l made a video and it's uploading right now.

Second. Does the name save whatever you did?

If you mean save progress, well unfortunately no. It currently only saves the name you put in until you reset it from the about screen. Putting in certain names like Baldi gives you a different message than the normal ones.

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Oh ok.