Alpha 5 Changelog

Hello everyone! I'm glad to say that Baldi's Fun New School Plus Alpha 5 is now available to download and play! The main feature of this update is the level customizer, which is currently in an early alpha state. The full changelog is below:

  • After Reaching Finale Mode, The Test No Longer Makes The School Bright Again (Hopefully)
  • Added The Level Customizer (Early Alpha Version)
  • Added A Loading Screen When Entering Field Trips
  • New Title Screen
  • Modes Listed As "Coming Soon" Are Now Grayed Out
  • Updated Warning Screen
  • Revamped Main Menu
  • Removed Another Unused Script
  • Some Buttons Now Make Sounds When Hovered Over
  • Hovering Over Certain Buttons Now Shows Their Description
  • Added A New Game Icon
  • Other Improvements

Enjoy playing the update, and thanks for almost 10,000 views and 5,000 downloads!


BFNS+_Alpha 5_Windows 64-Bit
Jun 21, 2020
BFNS+_Alpha 5_Windows 32-Bit
Jun 21, 2020
BFNS+_Alpha 5_MacOS
Jun 21, 2020
BFNS+ OS Project (Alpha 5)
Jun 21, 2020

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  1. Baldi's Basics

Baldi's Basics plus

version 2.0 is coming

um i want to play this but im in the app and it says that it can not use the games third party website now i cant play it :(

Alpha 6: Pop or Boomer, I hope :-P



id think it be better if you gave the clock dude a quarter then he would do it but its ur game so

is it only really small level?

Show post...

Wow! Customable levels!!! Really nice!!!