A downloadable Classic BFNS Plus for Windows and macOS

Alpha 6 Demo For BFNS Plus Ultimate Edition Has Been Released!

Welcome To Baldi's Fun New School Plus Classic Edition!

BFNS Plus Classic Edition (previously just referred to as Baldi's Fun New School Plus) refers to versions of Baldi's Fun New School Plus Ultimate Edition (which will eventually become the completed, full version of BFNS Plus) prior to Alpha 6, since that version and later are planned to bring significant changes to what Baldi's Fun New School Plus was like in Alpha 5 and earlier. Hence why this page of BFNS Plus have been rebranded as the classic edition. You can also check out the original Baldi's Fun New School here. Enjoy playing!

About BFNS Plus Classic Edition

In this game, you must collect notebooks while avoiding Baldi. At first, things might seem normal, but once you answer wrong, Baldi will start chasing you! Not only do you have to worry about Baldi, but also his friends! You'll see some familiar faces, along with new ones! His friends can either help or hinder your progress as you explore the floors, looking for all the notebooks. Items are also scattered around, which can slow down Baldi and his friends, or help you get away from them. On each floor, you must collect all the notebooks before you can leave that floor and continue to the next one. As you progress in Experience Mode, you'll discover not everything is as it seems...

Some Fun Game Modes

There are 3 gamemodes you can try out and play. These modes are...

Experience ModePlay through several increasingly difficult levels! If you can beat them all, an unusual ending awaits.

Level Customizer: Create and play a customized level! You can set what characters are active, the amount of exits and notebooks, and more.

Trip Mode: Play some field trips with Baldi! You can choose between playing camping and farming.

Lots Of Features

Besides gamemodes, there are also other features. A few of these are:

New CharactersBesides Baldi and the original cast, there are also new characters, such as ClockerKing Of DoorsTomnado, and more!

More SettingsThere's more changeable settings in-game, such as quality, screen resolution, and other settings!

Multi-Platform SupportWhile the original Baldi's Fun New School was only available on Windows, BFNS Plus Classic Edition is also available on MacOS in addition!

Improved Level DesignWhile the level design in the original BFNS was good, there are a lot of improvements that could have been made to it. In BFNS Plus Classic Edition however, levels have better design, like more types of rooms, structures such as roto-halls, fountains, and merry-go-rounds, as well as more!


Links to content relating to BFNS Plus can be visited below:


BFNS Plus Classic Edition has a lot of new content compared to the original Baldi's Fun New School and BFNS Plus Ultimate Edition will have even more. Without all of you, I couldn't of gotten this far!

© 2020-2022 JohnsterSpaceGames

Install instructions

Download the desired .zip file for your platform. If you don't have a .zip file extraction program, download 7zip or WinRAR. The files should already be in a folder when you extract it. Enjoy playing! Note: If your downloading the BFNS+ OS Project version, you need Unity 2018.3.9f1 to open the project's files. To enable shadows, you need to go to "Options" and then set the Quality to "2018".


BFNS+_Multiversion_Installers 490 MB
BFNS+_Alpha 5_Windows 64-Bit
BFNS+_Alpha 5_Windows 32-Bit
BFNS+_Alpha 5_MacOS
BFNS+ OS Project (Alpha 5)

Development log

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why i can't download it

baldi's fun new school plus ultimate edition Android ok

(1 edit) (+1)

I recently published a video on the Baldi's Fun New School Plus YouTube channel showing a look at the Fun School Computer Lab. It's planned to replace the Accountanator screen used in the Alpha 6 demo. Not only can you create/sign into an account from it, you can also quit the game from this location as well. Development footage on it is below.

JohnsterSpaceGames,Don't jump to Google, because I'm Chinese and I can't go to this website. I would appreciate it if you could download it in itch

Guys kit its dowing aphal 6

baldi basics + and baldi fun+ are all good

My title screen please add btw the baldi model was found on Google

Browser version plz

stfu you steling my shitty 2021 and stealing my stuff so stfu

Congratulations you found out what I did now all you need to do is GET BANNED WHILE YOU STILL CAN HAHAHA



I cannot believe it you're actually an idiot

I cannot believe it you're actually an idiot Congratulations you found out what I did now all you need to do is GET BANNED WHILE YOU STILL CAN HAHAHA nerd

Deleted 105 days ago

Team modder is the worst so he needs to shut the f****** right now

You Are Team Modder Lmfao


you lying

I got rid of Team modder


(1 edit) (+2)

please stfu and Also Your Gamejolt profile is cringe so enjoy being Exposed Bitch ;) and it will Teach you a lesson for Stealing other People's Stuff

Deleted 101 days ago


Deleted 96 days ago
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I've made a new main menu for the next update of alpha 6 also btw credit to Lesabrigames200 for the baldi model also plz credit me

(1 edit)

Omfg why my old shitty Baldi render from 2021 i don’t own that model it was made by nanes potatos

Btw why did you used my old cringe baldi render because its from frickin 2021 and its soo old and cringe


Please Stop Using My Old Baldi Renders From 2021 Or I Will Get Mad

immature af 

Deleted 104 days ago


Deleted 120 days ago

your bl25

Only a week after I made the browser version of Baldi's Fun New School Remastered available to play from within the download page, it's already been played over 1,800 times, with over 300 of those plays from today alone! Thanks to everyone who is continuing to support BFNS Remastered, and the V1.4.3 update will be releasing soon!

do you take character requests?

(1 edit)

hey, I don't know if you accept character appearances requests on the next update, but can you think about adding TimTom, Dr. reflex, and my character I made: Nurse boo boo? nurse boo boo can heal the player if she sees the player after getting hit by timtom's baseball.

Dr. Reflex

https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fgamebanana.com%2Fmodels%2F4601...Nurse Boo Boo

Dr. Reflex can be voiced by Boris (Eric; Caillou's dad)

Nurse boo boo can be voiced by Microsoft Mary

Great suggestions

How can you create characters because I don't know how to may you please teach me

i didn't create dr reflex.

i made nurse boo boo. i created her with Paint.net

Thanks to everyone who has checked out the Baldi's Fun New School Series Gameplay playlist on YouTube! It has now reached 6,000 views! You can check out the playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLURarhFDayNaNxxWsgSwVc977bsjQn1FK.

(1 edit)

May you please add my suggestion it's called demo mode you have three floors to get through when you get through all three floors Baldi will sing this song called you beat my game you learned a lot it's good you came cuz you were taught now that you know to use your brain I'll let you go till you come again and it's like baldi's basics Plus mode but it's called demo mode and that's my suggestion it works like the original baldi's basics Plus made by basically games I love this song called you beat my game you learned a lot it's good you came cuz you were taught now that you know to use your brain I'll let you go to come again

The normal mode of BFNS Plus already has three floors.

But in the ending, Baldi isn't singing this song.

My bad

(1 edit)

Here's my poster it's more posters

I love that poster! you did a great job on that

Thank you very much

Can you make a mod : the alpha 5 but without the "floor err" (because this floor is too hard !!)

does baldi come out on room err?


Yes a corrupted Baldi AND badsum


New character that I made his name is Jasper he's a lot shy but he wants to make his teacher baldi proud by doing math with the students and when you answer all three math problems correctly he'll give you a random item

And if you get a problem wrong ?

(1 edit)

Baldi increases his speed to get faster that's what happens when you get a problem wrong and he is found on floor 2 and 3

fan art


how did you make? you're so talented bro

I made it with the images with the Pixel Lab app 

oh ok thank you

You're welcome

(2 edits)

I don't know the font you used, I think it's cyclo I guess...? But here's text-based FanArt that sux please don't judge, this FanArt is becuz your mod is cool


Hey can you please make A mobile port For Baldi Multiplayer prototype

(2 edits)
very good baldi game is very cool but I would like them to put the multiplayer mode of baldi new school fun but I mean in the game modes so you can play with friends and some of their characters also the level editor to create your own level and play the others and finally add your random level project

no habla español XD

ya lo traduci con el traductor a ingles ksjskjs



Could you give us an straight answer, is there ever gonna be an android or no?

no 1.0 Will Be

Shut up Rama the underage!

WE exposed you on gamejolt, but that doesn't mean you can go to itch.io

Why would you do that that's so mean

he's a stupid underaged bastard who has ruined 3 or 2 baldi'sbasics series,  destroyed a company without apoligizing, and steals mods without giving credit, begs, and asks to get unblocked, he's a hated noob

(1 edit)

That's rude and he is not a noob

Shut up Rama because nobody likes you

Android version?

He cannot make all of his mods for Android Plus I think Baldi's fun new school remastered is going to be on Android or not

(1 edit) (+1)

I just published the page where the Alpha 6 2 Floor Demo of Baldi's Fun New School Plus will be available to download on March 29th! You can visit it here.

(1 edit)

Johnster Space Games, I Need To Try Alpha 6!

Releasing 29th march.

Cool ! I really like this logo. But when will Alpha 6 FINALLY be released ?


I've updated the Baldi's Fun New School Plus logo again! This time I created the logo's model in Anim8or, and it will be available to download as an extra in the Alpha 6 2 Floor Demo, releasing soon.


Johnster, could you tell us how soon BFNS Plus Alpha 6 will be released because there are some days of the week when I don't have time to play games on my computer?

Someone published this:Baldi's Fun New School + But the Items' Mechanics are Swapped 1.0! by Baldis_son1 (itch.io

Android plez?!?!?!?!?!?


Hello everyone. I just wanted to say that for the past few weeks I have been in the process of moving to a new house, so I haven't had much time to work on mods and other projects. But now that I'm in my new house, I'll be able to start working on them again soon. Stay tuned!

Okay, but when ?



I was playing alpha 5, and when I saw the Test, it was all dark. Then when it was supposed to stop, it was even darker and I couldn't see anything !!!

Awww no please no, that's sad

Johnster, could you at least create a demo of alpha 6 (alpha 5.5 for example) because the time you chose to publish alpha 6 has long passed!!

Did you finished My V1.2.3


Hey TheWin10Gaming Can We Be Friends?

NO? Modernation27 said to me don't unblock Rama

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