A downloadable Classic BFNS Plus for Windows and macOS

Alpha 6 Demo For BFNS Ultimate Has Been Released!

Welcome To Baldi's Fun New School Plus Classic Edition!

BFNS Plus Classic Edition (previously just referred to as Baldi's Fun New School Plus) refers to versions of Baldi's Fun New School Ultimate (which will eventually become the completed, full version of BFNS Plus) prior to Alpha 6, since that version and later brought significant changes to what Baldi's Fun New School Plus was like in Alpha 5 and earlier. Hence why this page has been rebranded as the classic edition. You can also check out the original Baldi's Fun New School here. Enjoy playing!


In this game, you must collect notebooks while avoiding Baldi. At first, things might seem normal, but once you answer wrong, Baldi will start chasing you! Not only do you have to worry about Baldi, but also his friends! You'll see some familiar faces, along with new ones! His friends can either help or hinder your progress as you explore the floors, looking for all the notebooks. Items are also scattered around, which can slow down Baldi and his friends, or help you get away from them. On each floor, you must collect all the notebooks before you can leave that floor and continue to the next one. As you progress in Experience Mode, you'll discover not everything is as it seems...

Some Fun Game Modes

There are 3 gamemodes you can try out and play. These modes are...

Experience ModePlay through several increasingly difficult levels! If you can beat them all, an unusual ending awaits.

Level Customizer: Create and play a customized level! You can set what characters are active, the amount of exits and notebooks, and more.

Trip Mode: Play some field trips with Baldi! You can choose between playing camping and farming.

Lots Of Features

Besides gamemodes, there are also other features. A few of these are:

New CharactersBesides Baldi and the original cast, there are also new characters, such as ClockerKing Of DoorsTomnado, and more!

More SettingsThere's more changeable settings in-game, such as quality, screen resolution, and other settings!

Multi-Platform SupportWhile the original Baldi's Fun New School was only available on Windows, BFNS Plus Classic Edition is also available on macOS!

Improved Level DesignWhile the level design in the original BFNS was good, there are a lot of improvements that could have been made to it. In BFNS Plus Classic Edition however, levels have better design, like more types of rooms, structures such as roto-halls, fountains, and merry-go-rounds, as well as more!


Links to related content can be visited below:


BFNS Plus Classic Edition has a lot of new content compared to the original Baldi's Fun New School, and BFNS Ultimate will have even more. Thanks to everyone who has supported the development of this mod!

Developed in 2020 by JohnsterSpaceGames


BFNS+_Multiversion_Installers 490 MB
BFNS+_Alpha 5_Windows 64-Bit
BFNS+_Alpha 5_Windows 32-Bit
BFNS+_Alpha 5_MacOS
BFNS+ OS Project (Alpha 5)

Install instructions

Download the desired .zip file for your platform. If you don't have a .zip file extraction program, download 7zip or WinRAR. The files should already be in a folder when you extract it. Enjoy playing! Note: If you are downloading the BFNS+ OS Project version, you'll need Unity 2018.3.9f1 to open the project's files. And to enable shadows, you need to go to "Options" and then set the Quality to "2018".

Development log

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Здравствуйте. Можете сделать Baldi fun school Alpha 6 2 floor demo на телефоне? Я очень хочу! Пожалуйста!



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wow this editor from alpha 5 looks crappy compared to the one in BFNSU

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Developer is not in this program, He's in Baldi's Fun new school plus ultimate edition.


No Android


In the halls

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Johnster, I have an idea for the next alpha.

There can be this gun called the "Bubble Gun" that shoots beans' bubble gum. It can be refilled using a gumball machine, which uses quarters.


This game will be on android???


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Hahaha, okay)


Make a Web virson of it on simmer.io I NEED TO PLAY IT

I´m having some Problems running the macOS version on my

Apple Silicon Mac. Can someone help me out there?

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Jsp when is the BFNSPUE development build alpha 6 0.1.5 coming out?

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And, i can't change my controls in pc Version. Your games are good but the controls is missing in all of your games pls add controls change!


Yes, can you add Android Version Please?

Deleted post

I'm looking for voice actors for the pilot episode of a Baldi's Basics animation series I'm thinking about making called Baldi's Basics The Show. If you are interested, you can sign up for a potential role here: https://forms.gle/NjQrUNzAM9R8YQjcA.

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I'm voice acting baldi for this one

I'll give you the voices

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Please tell me how to download it because it says incompatible third party website. :(


Its impossible to download sadly. :(


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why i can't download it


baldi's fun new school plus ultimate edition Android ok

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