Old Versions Are Back + Development Versions Released!

Hello everyone! Today I'm glad to announce that all previously released versions of Baldi's Fun New School Plus (Alpha 1 To Alpha 4.5) are now available for download! Along with that, I've also released some development versions of BFNS+ which were made during Alpha 1 and Alpha 4's development. You can download all these versions via the BFNS+ Multiversion Installers file, which contains installers for each version as well as a text file explaining how to extract the installed files. I hope everyone enjoys being able to play these versions again, as well as see what the development versions were like!


BFNS+_Multiversion_Installers 490 MB
Sep 19, 2020

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What you mean pre-alpha 1

i have the app itch.io i try downloading but is a virus

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Really good. Also what will you add on BFNS+?

Well, in the next version, I am also going to add improvements to things already in the mod as well as fix a lighting bug with the test that's still in Alpha 5.

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Why don't you add Johnny?

l have made him in my project, l can show it if you want to :D

The next version of BFNS+ that will come out will be Alpha 6. I'm not sure what I'm going to add in that version, but it will probably be improvements to the level customizer (such as adding support for small sized levels instead of only very small) as well as possibly a new field trip in trip mode.

I think I might have requested a character called Stickman. Did you get the thing on the google forms?

add Dr.realx?

- Installers? ARE YOU MAD?! - Me

- Shut your mouth you mediocre UCM Creator - JohnsterSpaceProgram

sir this is a wendys