Dev. Update #9: Alpha 6 Progress

Hello, and welcome to Development Update 9 of Baldi's Fun New School Plus! In this development update, I'll talk about progress on the Alpha 6 update and compare some of the new content to existing ones, as well as reveal when I'm planning on releasing the first Alpha 6 development build to development testers and where progress on the update will go from there. I hope you'll enjoy reading this, and without further ado, let's get into it!

#1. Accountanator

The Accountanator will be replacing the Name Entering System in Alpha 6. With it, you are able to create and have up to four accounts, or profiles as they are called, at a time. During the profile creation process, you enter your username, choose a profile picture, and select what language you want to use while playing. To sign into a profile, you just select it and then confirm that is the profile you want to sign into. Below is a comparison.

Accountanator (In Alpha 6)

Name Entering System (In Alpha 5)

#2. 3D Main Menu

The Main Menu is getting revamped again, this time into an explorable 3D area. You navigate it by walking around, and entering doors which take you to different parts of the menu, like the settings area for example where you can change your settings and toggle certain ones like the Adventure Mode Floor Selector and Debug Mode, which lets you switch between different debug statistics while playing on a floor. Below is a comparison.

3D Main Menu (In Alpha 6)

Main Menu (In Alpha 5)

#3. Elevator & Floor Results Screen

The Elevator and Floor Results Screen are also receiving updates. The designs of both have been changed and they now display more information, like the amount of characters on the current floor you're playing in the elevator and the amount of baldi bucks you've earned on the floor results screen. Below is a comparison.

Elevator & Floor Results Screen (In Alpha 6)

Elevator & Floor Results Screen (In Alpha 5)

#4. Adventure Mode Floors 1 & 2

Floors 1 and 2 of Adventure Mode have been remade in Alpha 6. The Player HUD has been redone and each floor uses an entirely different map layout with improved decorations such as more window types, locker color variations, and flickering exit signs. This is a part of the Improved Level Design mentioned in the Lots Of Features section on the BFNS Plus page. Below is a comparison.

Adventure Mode Floor 1 & 2 (In Alpha 6)

Experience Mode Floor 1 & 2 (In Alpha 5)

#5. Matt's School Store

First mentioned in the last development update, Matt's School Store has been added and will be available in the update. Using baldi bucks you've gained after completing floors in adventure mode, you can use them at matt's store to buy items which you then put in your inventory. The save system for adventure mode has also been implemented.

#6. Alpha 6 Development Build

As for the first Alpha 6 development build, I'm planning on releasing it to development testers on February 14th. It will include all of the new content mentioned above, along with some additional things. After getting feedback on the development build, I will work on the final, public version of Alpha 6 which if everything goes well, should be ready to be released around 1-2 weeks after that. Once Alpha 6 is finished and released, development on Beta 1 will start soon after that.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this development update, and thanks to everyone who has contributed and helped me out with the development of Baldi's Fun New School Plus. See you in the next one!

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when is alpha 6 coming out


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"Public version of Alpha 6 which if everything goes well, should be ready to be released around 1-2 weeks after that" :  2 weeks have passed and nothing about the Alpha 6 has been released!!

oh plz android plz

yah hoo!

how to download this new game?


Woah I didn't expect this big update but I'm happy I did more YouTube content! :D

Good update

Are you using that account??????

With that Baldi model change it made it look a bit worse.. no offense.

But everything else looks great so far! Great job.