Alpha 4.5 Changelog

Alpha 4.5 of Baldi's Fun New School Plus has been released! I was originally going to release Alpha 4.1, but after I added some more content, it seemed better to rename the update to Alpha 4.5. You can read the full changelog below:

  • Made Shadows Mode (Previously Called High Graphics) Less Laggy
  • On Floor Err, You Now Get 4 Zesty Bars (Previously 2)
  • Made Item Icons On Floor Err Smaller
  • Everytime You Repair A Tube On Floor Err, You Regain Stamina
  • YCTP Code Changes From The 2YMA Edition (Like Being Able To Press Enter) Now Apply In This Version
  • Quality Settings No Longer Reset Everytime You Play
  • Removed A Script That Now Goes Unused
  • Set Compression On New Textures/Sprites To None, Should Fix The Weird Texture Artifacts
  • Added A New Character On Floor 3 In Experience Mode (You'll Have To Find Out)

Some of the changes in this update were suggestions I got from several of you. Also, this is the first update since Alpha 3 to add a new character, so make sure to check them out! Enjoy playing the update, and thanks for being patient! 


BFNS+_Alpha 4.5_Windows 64-Bit
Jun 15, 2020
BFNS+_Alpha 4.5_Windows 32-Bit
Jun 15, 2020
BFNS+_Alpha 4.5_MacOS
Jun 15, 2020

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why, after when the test caught you and the black fog should disappear, but it does not disappear, only the flashlight disappears. Because of this, the school is very dark.
Show post...

Yes, it happened to me too.

JSP, I don't see new character on 3 floor!

Well, the new character is The Test. Also, are you playing latest version? The way he works is by teleporting to different hallways so maybe you just never saw him.

JSP, I Credits says you were inspired by my ideas or idea, but my ideas are gone. Why?

i wish there was an android version

Posted 11pm GMT+1 haha good funny ahaha