BFNS Changelog

So, a new update, v1.0.7.5, is out for Baldi's Fun New School! Enjoy the update, which was made by Baldi's_Son1, below is some of the changes:

- The playerholder being closer to the player now applies to free-run mode

- The school now turns blue when getting exits

- All materials now have 1.4.3 lighting

And more! Enjoy the update, and 1.1 is coming soon!


Apr 01, 2020
Apr 01, 2020

Get Baldi's Fun New School! (v1.0.75)


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Pls continue working on this mod !

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This Was Cancelled Forever

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Check out my new game!!!

Edit: Sorry. You have already checked it.

Add 1.0.9 Update of Baldi’s Fun New School! Please!

Please read my comment below. It will be gone temporarily, but when its back, the page will have a new description and be updated.

Pls for Android

shut up and go f#ck yourself

No, the reason the page is gone is because its getting an update. Please understand. It will be back soon.

Banned & Frog Page is gone!

Why did you ban me!!! >:(

You banned the BaldiKs Fun New School Plus <:(

You banned the Baldi’s Fun New School Plus? <:(

Alpha 1 is banned even alpha 2 alpha 3 is banned even alpha 4 and alpha 4.5 not alpha 5 not 1 year modding anniversary

This game have Mrs. Pomp and beans

Yes, I plan on adding them in the 1.0.9 update (when it releases)


Make Android