BFNS Pre-Release Changelog

After several days of work, the pre-release of baldi's fun new school is finally finished! Enjoy playing this new update, which adds quite a lot, and also has lots of improvements from the public beta. Below is a changelog of the major things, for those interested. Enjoy the update!

  • Added Rare Machine
  • Added Random Machine
  • Added Dollar Machine
  • Added Dollar Item
  • Added Teleporter Item
  • Added Chewsi Speedy Bar Item
  • Added Principal Banner Item
  • Redesigned You Can Think Pad (YCTP)
  • Added Working Numberpad To YCTP
  • Added Number Button Walls (Like The Ones From Birthday Bash)
  • Added New Ending (TE)
  • Added Secret Codes To YCTP
  • Changed Mode Select Screen
  • Added New Story And Endless Mode Icons
  • Gave 0th Prize A New Mechanic (That Means He Does Something Now)


Jan 10, 2020
BFNS Pre-Release.rar 53 MB
Jan 10, 2020

Get Baldi's Fun New School! (v1.0.75)


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Add Jimmy pls


Number Secret Code Please?

is it 31718?

one of the secret codes for the thinkpad is 1320. as for the number wall's, you just have to beat the mod in free run or story mode and when you see the win screen it will tell you the numbers for each button. Or, you could watch the end of my video i made on the update to see the numbers:

When the right numbers are put in, it unlocks a new area which leads to the ending.

is it 11293949?

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please make it so it's easier to escape detention

i keep getting caught because of that school faculty thing

that's one reason why i added the principal banner item in the detention room, which when you use it, it makes the principal go away for 45 seconds. If you want though, i can make it so in the hallway to the principal office, there's a new room that's not a faculty room.



yes, in pre-release 1b there is new secret code for 31718 and 53045009 but there's 2 other ones also