The Mod Is Finished, v1.0 Out!

The mod is finally finished and 1.0 is now out! Enjoy the improvements, and now i can focus more on another mod i'm making, and also a big project (not a mod) I have planned. Below is the changelog:

  • Added Hallway To Principal's Office
  • Changed Alternate Title Screen
  • Fixed Player Holder In Elevator Intro Being Visible
  • Other Improvements

Thanks to those who have played, and enjoy the update!


BFNS 1.0.0.rar 52 MB
Jan 29, 2020
Jan 29, 2020
BFNS 1.0 32-Bit.rar 50 MB
Jan 29, 2020

Get Baldi's Fun New School! (v1.0.75)


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Can you make a browser version

Can you make Android