BFNS Pre-Release 1b Changelog

Hello Everyone! I'm glad to announce a new update for the pre-release, pre-release 1b! It adds some improvements, including new secret codes for the new think pad! Below is the changelog of what's new! Next version will probably be 1.0, but if not, then pre-release 2.

  • Updated Credits (Added Baldis Son, MTM 101, etc.)
  • Updated Free-Run Mode, Now Same As Story/Endless Mode
  • Added 4 New Secret YCTP Codes (Hint: Try Ones Like 31718)
  • Added Sign And Text In Free-Run Mode
  • TE Ending Now Possible To Get In Free-Run Mode
  • Changed Warning Screen Text
  • Changed Bal_Prize In Free-Run Mode
  • (Hopefully) Fixed Elevator Intro For 16:10 Aspect Ratio

Anyways, enjoy the new update, and some previous things i talked about will come in the next update! I expect to see more gameplay videos and finding secret codes! :)


BFNS Pre-Release 61 MB
Jan 20, 2020
BFNS Pre-Release 1b.rar 53 MB
Jan 20, 2020

Get Baldi's Fun New School! (v1.0.75)


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