V1.3 Changelog

Baldi's Fun New School Remastered V1.3 has been released! The changelog is below:

  • Updated Platforms Asset From V0.3 To V0.3.3
  • Updated The Starship Easter Egg In The Main School Map
  • Added Several Fan-Arts In The Main School Map. You Can Give Fan-Arts Here: https://itch.io/t/1600401/submit-fan-arts-here
  • Fixed The True And Bad Ending Text Not Displaying When Playing On Mobile
  • Added Abdalluh 123 To The Youtubers Poster (Suggested By OliverDoesGames), Also Added BrawniestLine25
  • It's A Bully No Longer Takes An Item From Your Inventory When Playing As Zolt
  • Fixed A Bug Where If It's A Bully Took The Apple Item From Your Inventory And You Got Caught By Baldi, Everything Would Freeze Up And Stop Working
  • Added An Option In Settings To Set The Day Night Mode To Either Day, Night, Or Auto (Suggested By JohnSmith123A)
  • In The Discussion Area, Blank Messages Are No Longer Sent If Extra Spaces With No Text Are Entered
  • Added A New Selectable Player, Kyle (Suggested By generalperson7890)
  • Added An Option In Settings That Lets You Enable An Updated Version Of First Prize's Sprites. This Lets You Get A Sneak Peek At What First Prize Will Look Like In Alpha 6 And Later Of BFNS Plus Before It's Even Out!
  • Added Joe On The Main Menu, In The Discussion Area, And In Camping (Credit To michaeldoesgaming For The Joe Design)
  • Added A New Gamemode, Portal Chaos. Portals Randomly Appear Around The Map And When You Go In Them You Get Teleported To A Random Location. Random Events Are Also Disabled (More Modes Suggested By Sabribilele100)
  • Added A New Area In The Under Construction Room In The Discussion Area

If your still playing on an older version, I recommend you download the updated version. Enjoy playing the update, and keep on having fun! Also, you can give suggestions for the next planned major update, V1.4, here: https://itch.io/t/1608416/suggestions-for-v14.


BFNS Remastered 1.3_Windows_64Bit.zip 60 MB
Aug 27, 2021
BFNS Remastered 1.3_Windows_32Bit.zip 57 MB
Aug 27, 2021
BFNS Remastered 1.3_MacOS.zip 70 MB
Aug 27, 2021
BFNS Remastered 1.3_Linux.zip 74 MB
Aug 27, 2021
BFNS Remastered 1.3_Android.apk 54 MB
Aug 27, 2021

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