V1.4.5.1 Update Changelog

Baldi's Fun New School Remastered V1.4.5.1 has been released! The changelog is below:


  • Added 3 More Music Tracks That Can Play While Fighting The Spinner Boss In Bossfight Mode
  • Added Lockers To The Classic Mode Schoolhouse
  • Added A Short Delay Before Lamps And Exit Signs Turn On In The Schoolhouse At Night
  • Added A Button On The Title Screen That Lets You View Where Your Save File Is Located


  • Moved The Reset Data Button To The Settings Screen In Order To Prevent Accidentally Pressing It While On The Title Screen
  • To Make Finding Them Easier, Party Hats Now Appear In Any Non-Celebration Mode Schoolhouse Gamemode, Not Just Certain Ones
  • Getting Caught By Error Baldi Now Sends You To The Warning Screen Instead Of Crashing The Game
  • While Hovered Over An Option On The Title Screen, A Short Description About It Will Now Appear In The Bottom Left Corner
  • Transitioned The Save System Used In Previous Versions Over To A Json File Based Save System


  • Fixed A Bug On The Mobile Version Where There Were No Controls In The Cake Celebration Ending
  • Fixed A Bug Where If You Beat Classic Mode As Zolt, You Would Still Get The Classic Ending And Not The Bad Ending
  • Fixed A Bug On The Mobile Version Where Tapping Multiple Buttons At Once On The Main Menu Would Cause The Screens To Become Overlayed On Top Of Each Other
  • Fixed A Bug Where Characters Could Get Pushed Behind The Elevator Gates While They Were Closed
  • Fixed A Bug Where NPCs Were Unable To Enter The Areas Where Easter Eggs Are Located
  • Fixed A Locker In The True Ending That Was Floating Above The Ground

If you are still playing on an older version, I recommend you download the latest version for your platform. Enjoy playing the update, and keep on having fun! 

Note: You are only able to view your save file while playing on a pc version of the mod. This excludes the mobile and WebGL versions.


BFNS Remastered 89 MB
Aug 20, 2022
BFNS Remastered 103 MB
Aug 20, 2022
BFNS Remastered 92 MB
Aug 20, 2022
BFNS Remastered 85 MB
Aug 20, 2022
BFNS Remastered 1451 WebGL.zip 95 MB
Aug 20, 2022

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