V1.4.4 Changelog

Baldi's Fun New School Remastered V1.4.4 has been released! The changelog is below:

  • Added Principal Banner Item From The Original BFNS (Suggested By Multiple Players)
  • Added 5 More Game Jolt Trophies
  • Added A Manage Cursor Button Where You Can Customize The Apperance And Color Of The Cursor (Suggested By Ajjwjwjwkwiwiqi)
  • Added A New Gamemode, Genuine Mode
  • Added A New Room In The Discussion Area (Suggested By Multiple Players)
  • Added Trees And Plants In The Discussion Area
  • Added A New Character, Dis Guiser
  • In Bossfight Mode, There Are Now Multiple Music Tracks That Can Play While Fighting The Spinner Boss
  • In Bossfight Mode, The Amount Of Damage Done By BSODA Has Been Doubled
  • Fixed A Bug Where If You Played As Zolt, Used The Apple On Baldi, Removed The Apple From Your Inventory, And Then Got Caught
    By Baldi, The Game Would Freeze Up And Stop Responding

If you are still playing on an older version, I recommend you download the latest version for your platform. Enjoy playing the update, and keep on having fun!


BFNS Remastered 1.4.4_Windows.zip 69 MB
Jul 10, 2022
BFNS Remastered 1.4.4_MacOS.zip 82 MB
Jul 10, 2022
BFNS Remastered 1.4.4_Linux.zip 72 MB
Jul 10, 2022
BFNS Remastered 1.4.4_Android.apk 76 MB
Jul 10, 2022
BFNS Remastered 144 WebGL.zip Play in browser
Jul 10, 2022

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