V1.4 Changelog

Baldi's Fun New School Remastered V1.4 has been released! The changelog is below:

  • Added Several More Fan-Arts (In The Main School Map And Discussion Area)
  • Added Some New Posters (Created By Isaiah Mods)
  • Added A New Hallway (Suggested By GreatPushiModder)
  • Added A New Easter Egg, Pushi's Secret Room, Which Has A Clickable Poster (Suggested By GreatPushiModder)
  • Gave Playtime's Jumprope A Tiny Speed Boost By Slightly Reducing The Animation's Length (Suggested By OliverDoesGames)
  • Added A New Ending, Easter Egg Ending (You Have To Find All Easter Eggs In The Main School Map)
  • Added Glass Bottle Games, Isaiah Mods, And colordist To The Youtuber Poster
  • Added More Decorations In The Main School Map
  • Added A Baldi Head Indicator (Suggested By Isaiah Mods And GreatPushiModder)
  • Fixed 2 Bugs On The Mobile Version In The Main School Map Reported By Kaua BRAZIL
  • Added A Pause Menu In Camping Mode That Lets You Go Back To The Main Menu (Suggested By GlassBottleYT)
  • Added Arrow Keys As Selectable Keys For The Forward, Backward, Left, And Right Keys On The Keybind Setup Screen (Suggested By colordist)
  • Added A New Playable Student, Rapparep Lol (Suggested By AlexYoutube)
  • Added A New Gamemode, Random Event Madness
  • Added A YCTP Player Portrait Settings Option. When Enabled, It Will Show An Image Of Your Student In The YCTP Remastered
  • Added A Surprise In The Discussion Area Map (You'll Have To Find Out For Yourself)
  • Added A New Character, 0th Prize (From The Original BFNS)
  • Clicking/Tapping On The Main Menu's BFNS Remastered Logo Now Opens Up The Changelog Instead Of A Suggestions Page

If your still playing on an older version, I recommend you download the latest version. Enjoy playing the update, and keep on having fun! This is also the last major update I will release for the mod, and the updated OS project version will be added on 9/26.


BFNS Remastered 1.4_Windows_64Bit.zip 62 MB
Sep 25, 2021
BFNS Remastered 1.4_Windows_32Bit.zip 59 MB
Sep 25, 2021
BFNS Remastered 1.4_MacOS.zip 72 MB
Sep 25, 2021
BFNS Remastered 1.4_Linux.zip 76 MB
Sep 26, 2021
BFNS Remastered 1.4_Android.apk 56 MB
Sep 25, 2021
BFNS Remastered OS Project (Updated)
Sep 26, 2021

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