V1.2 Changelog

Baldi's Fun New School Remastered V1.2 has been released! The changelog is below:

  • Updated Several Textures (Updated Textures Created By GreatPushiModder)
  • Reduced The Size Of Several Audio Clips
  • The Message For Completing A Maze In The Multiplayer Maze Is Now Sent To All Players In The Server
  • Overhauled The Skip Button's Design And Moved It To The Number Pad
  • When The Skip Button Is Pressed, It Now Gets Disabled Instead Of Dissapearing
  • Updated Tape Player And Pay Phone Textures
  • Updated Bsoda And Zesty Bar Machine Textures
  • Added A Safety Scissors Vending Machine (Suggested By TheBaldiModder)
  • Added Some Easter Eggs In The Main School Map Behind Fake Walls (Suggested By GreatPushiModder)
  • Updated Baldi's Praise Voicelines With The Rerecorded Versions From BB+ 0.3.3
  • Randomized The Message That Appears After Answering All 3 Problems In The YCTP Remastered
  • Updated Platforms Asset From V0.2.2 to V0.3
  • Added Cloudy Copter In The Main School Map. He Blows Wind Down Hallways, Which Will Suck You Towards
    Him When You Enter It. He's Also Only Active During The Day And Not At Night
  • Added A New Loading Screen
  • Added Chewsi Speedy Bar Item From The Original BFNS. When Used, It Will Double Your Speed For 15 Seconds.
    It Can Be Found In A Faculty Room
  • Added An Apple For Baldi Item. When Used Within A Certain Distance Of Baldi Or When Baldi Catches You
    While You Have It In Your Inventory, It'll Make Baldi Stop And Eat The Apple For 20 Seconds. It Can Be  Found In The Principal's Office
  • Added Big Ol' Boots Item. When Used, It Allows You To Walk Through First Prize And Gotta Sweep Without
    Being Affected For 25 Seconds. It Can Be Found In Gotta Sweep's Closet (Suggested By GreatPushiModder)
  • Added A Minimap, Which Can Be Toggled On/Off In Settings (Suggested By Mobile / Mac Games)
  • Added Keybinds, Which Can Be Changed In Settings. On PC, You Can Change The Default Keys Used For Moving
    Forward, Backwards, Left, And Right As Well As The Key For Running (Suggested By colordist)
  • Added The Book Of Found Items. It Shows Info About Items You've Found (To "Find" An Item, You Have To Pick
    It Up And Then Baldi's Wow Voiceline Will Play) As Well As Shows You What Items You Haven't Found Yet
  • The BFNS Remastered Logo On The Main Menu Can Now Be Clicked/Tapped On To Open Up The Suggestions Page
    For The Next Major Update

If your still playing on an older version, I recommend you download the updated version. Enjoy playing the update, and keep on having fun! Also, you can give suggestions for the next planned major update, V1.3, here: https://itch.io/t/1590503/suggestions-for-v13.


BFNS Remastered 1.2_Windows_64Bit.zip 58 MB
Aug 18, 2021
BFNS Remastered 1.2_Windows_32Bit.zip 55 MB
Aug 18, 2021
BFNS Remastered 1.2_MacOS.zip 68 MB
Aug 18, 2021
BFNS Remastered 1.2_Linux.zip 72 MB
Aug 18, 2021
BFNS Remastered 1.2_Android.apk 57 MB
Aug 18, 2021
BFNS Remastered Blender Models (Updated).zip 6 MB
Aug 18, 2021

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