A downloadable BBMPR Prototype for Windows

Welcome to the Baldi's Basics Multiplayer Remake Prototype! This prototype was created to demonstrate somewhat working multiplayer in Baldi's Basics In Education And Learning. Compared to the previous prototype, this version has a lot of improvements, although expect some bugs and unfinished character/item functionality since its still a prototype version. I hope you enjoy playing this new prototype, and gameplay videos are welcome! 

Credit to mystman12 for creating Baldi's Basics and to WowzaboiModder for making the Badsum sprites used in the v2 prototype test build.


Gamebanana Download: https://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/12977

Gamejolt Download: https://gamejolt.com/games/baldi-multiplayer-prototype/542549

Discord Server Join Link: https://discord.gg/j5geeVh


Baldi's Basics MPR Prototype V2 Test Build
Baldi's Basics MPR Prototype Fix_Windows.zip 30 MB
Baldi Multiplayer Prototype.zip (OLD VERSION) 43 MB

Install instructions

Even though this tutorial for how to join/create a server was made in an older prototype, the way you do is still like this:

Development log


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help i cant add my friend in this game :( i created and he has saying "server succefully created" and idk what to do D:


can you make a local version?


like two players in the same device


Any1 wanna play join code Baldi

the "fixed" version don't work, i press "load game" and it creates a server, then nothing else happens


Maybe get some friends to play with you? Duh


Hello there.I like this game.But i dont have a pc or laptop.So would you please do the android version?

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sure! i will do a version when i have the 2 laptops in a few days

Thank you Harley Quinn!:)

everyone, the servers has been shut down, so the game is unplayable so you should instead play Baldi's Basics The Ultra Decompile (TUD For Short)



I'm not having any problems, are you sure?

podia ter para androi

when next updated

can you add android version

how do you join people in V2 

"To play with someone in this prototype, first someone needs to host a game by clicking the host (server + client) button. Then, to connect to that person's game, you need to type in their ip address (with their consent and permission of course) in the box with the localhost text and then click on the client button. If everything worked correctly, after the setting everything up screen goes away, you should both be in the same game (Note: The connection GUI used is the default one in Mirror/UNet. Also, only the player who hosted the game can open doors, so keep this in mind while playing)"      



can you make an online multiplayer version

it is, but local. which means that you need a friend that has the same version that you downloaded, and then you have to say the name room to your friend

good jobe :)

it doesnt work

Did you try entering the same server name as the one you created?


Also can you make a feature where you can play with random people?

That would be very helpful to everyone playing this game.

i will do it when  i have the 2 laptops in a few days


 There is a bug, when me and my friend loads in the schoolhouse it sometimes puts one of the players stuck on the join picture (idk how to explain it but it is the 4th picture) while the other person is playing.

Can you fix this bug?

Deleted post

can anyone play with me no players online!



Game dont work. I want to play with my friend and it say "server created" for everyone!

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anyone want to play ? the game name is the chads


it dosnt work :(

Pls android


how do you play it im 10

thats very cool

thx dude now i can play at school with friends

MacOS and linux version Plz

Join this game, name is "Server"


no one joined

ye are u online rn i wanna join

dude he said that 3 months before you commented


This may be the stupid answer but can u make a android port


Im Hosting a Server Right now!


Server Name Is Baldi My Name Is Draco


No One Joined :(

Как убрать разделение экрана?

it doesnt work

Bro, Do you know why this mod it doesn't work?

because this mod maybe is hold on

because the creator is doing another mod

What a masterpiece this game is.

Baldi's basics multiplayer protoype for android pls

bruh no one JOINED

i don't understand why you have to download everything.

please make non download vierson:(

Why dont have to android?

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can you make a version that has fasguys mod menu pre-installed onto it

and, can you update the mod to 1.4.3


make a android version pls


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