A downloadable BBMPR Prototype for Windows

Welcome to the Baldi's Basics Multiplayer Remake Prototype! This prototype was created to demonstrate somewhat working multiplayer in Baldi's Basics In Education And Learning. Compared to the previous prototype, this version has a lot of improvements, although expect some bugs and unfinished character/item functionality since its still a prototype version. I hope you enjoy playing this new prototype, and gameplay videos are welcome! 

Credit to mystman12 for creating Baldi's Basics and to WowzaboiModder for making the Badsum sprites used in the v2 prototype test build.


Gamebanana Download: https://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/12977

Gamejolt Download: https://gamejolt.com/games/baldi-multiplayer-prototype/542549

Discord Server Join Link: https://discord.gg/j5geeVh

Install instructions

Even though this tutorial for how to join/create a server was made in an older prototype, the way you do is still like this:


Baldi's Basics MPR Prototype V2 Test Build
Baldi's Basics MPR Prototype Fix_Windows.zip 30 MB
Baldi Multiplayer Prototype.zip (OLD VERSION) 43 MB

Development log


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Make a build for Linux so I can play on my chromebook


32 bit pls

Can i get android?

Yeah it sure is since it lags a fucking lot when I'm playing with my sister



Hey Guys! i made a baldi mod! go see it: https://kaio3.itch.io/banoteaes-basics


Looks like a fever dream

umm idk if you shall advertise here

dobra gra



BBMPR prototype v2 test build got released in 2.6612456 months


Hi! Can you help me to do a decompiled mod in july?                                                        You have discord or something?Is because if you can to talk in private about the mod.


i played this game is 6:25 trying to make a server AND these clones popped up.. THAT SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME. IS IT PART OF THE GAME OR A EASTER EGG


that its the baldi blue of the remastered version its creepy...


bro 134 days sheesh


Can you please make it split screen

For those who didn't see this post, I just wanted to say that the v2 test prototype does not work any better than the previous ones. I mainly made it just so I could test out a new system for multiplayer in potential future prototypes (I won't make another one though until I can find out how fix the problems that are in the previously released prototypes).

can you do a 32 bits version please?

please :D

how do i make it fucking work


I am so confused, can you please make a new video on how to do it? I tried every way and it doesn't work.

hey pretty good but please make it 3 or 4 players

Deleted 270 days ago
Deleted 270 days ago

So good


please baldi's basics multiplayer prototype in android

wheres playtime to jump player


really easy to 5 notebooks

realy is 7 notebooks

(1 edit) (+3)

Can I remake this in 1.4.3?

Show post...

i made i made a baldis basis mod named: Baldis Escape  

Good mod but i want more notebooks because when i played with friend

we made it in 3 minutes

your game is broken please fix it


Hey rapparep and me made a video about the mod 


I still can't play it. Me and my friend only live 1 state away from each other, and we did everything right. We typed in our usernames, we typed in the same exact name of the server, and nothing worked. Can you please try to fix this issue? Thanks.


Wow now the game have a discord server! But i'll still say here: In the next update, can you make for 32 bits too? I saw this game on gameplays, that is awesome

Two things.

1: can you add a multiplayer mod tutorial?

2: is there a forum for this so we can post ideas for the game?

so- how dose someone join your game? i made a server and my friend cant join-


From the testing I've done, I think a  person your playing with must be in the same region as you in order to play with them (ex: a U.S player can only play with other U.S players, etc.)

oh alright! ill cheack were she again. thanks

Nope, still doesn't work.


just to tell you J.S.G, pghlfilms and EFC Gaming played your mod,

here's the video: 

i got a mode idea

1 player mode

its like multiplayer but with 1 player

gdnjmeg kn egh3

I've released a small update to the multiplayer remake prototype called Baldi's Basics MPR Prototype Fix_Windows to hopefully fix some connection issues. 

why did you change the map?



Also, I know not everything works in the new prototype, but that's because its still a prototype version. Its still better than the previous version though!

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