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please baldi's basics multiplayer prototype in android

wheres playtime to jump player


really easy to 5 notebooks

realy is 7 notebooks

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Can I remake this in 1.4.3?

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i made i made a baldis basis mod named: Baldis Escape  

Good mod but i want more notebooks because when i played with friend

we made it in 3 minutes

your game is broken please fix it


Hey rapparep and me made a video about the mod 


I still can't play it. Me and my friend only live 1 state away from each other, and we did everything right. We typed in our usernames, we typed in the same exact name of the server, and nothing worked. Can you please try to fix this issue? Thanks.


Wow now the game have a discord server! But i'll still say here: In the next update, can you make for 32 bits too? I saw this game on gameplays, that is awesome

Two things.

1: can you add a multiplayer mod tutorial?

2: is there a forum for this so we can post ideas for the game?

so- how dose someone join your game? i made a server and my friend cant join-


From the testing I've done, I think a  person your playing with must be in the same region as you in order to play with them (ex: a U.S player can only play with other U.S players, etc.)

oh alright! ill cheack were she again. thanks

Nope, still doesn't work.


just to tell you J.S.G, pghlfilms and EFC Gaming played your mod,

here's the video: 


i got a mode idea

1 player mode

its like multiplayer but with 1 player

gdnjmeg kn egh3

so its still singleplayer

I've released a small update to the multiplayer remake prototype called Baldi's Basics MPR Prototype Fix_Windows to hopefully fix some connection issues. 

still having problem with connection. I created game with name ,,milk" when my brother typed ,,Milk" in order to join its says that game is created

why did you change the map?



Also, I know not everything works in the new prototype, but that's because its still a prototype version. Its still better than the previous version though!

is there going to be a macOS version ever?

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Yes, the next prototype released will support windows and macOS.

I've made a new development gameplay video on the Baldi's Basics Multiplayer Remake Prototype, you can watch it below:

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Tomorrow, I will be posting a development log about how development on the Baldi's Basics Multiplayer Remake Prototype (the next prototype version) has been going so far. For now, I'll tease this gameplay development image, which will appear along with others in the devlog! 

(Edit: The devlog is now out, you can find it here:

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Here's a development image of the next prototype I'm planning on releasing. Some new things have already been added, as you can see below. (The percent above each player's head is their current stamina)


what if we control two characters at a time



R U Gonna make this 4 the Mac, linux and maybe android


Well, I might eventually release a macOS version when this project is closer to being finished. As for a Linux or Android version, probably not because it might be too laggy on android and I don't have the necessary tools to make a Linux build, I only have the tools to compile Windows and MacOS builds of this project.

just install the linux module


pls at least TRY to make android port


If anyone wants to know about how development on future versions of BBMP is going as well as it's current status, then you should join the mod's discord server! After joining it here (, you'll be able to see when I post updates on development in the #bbmp-updates channel, such as the one below!

Can you join random servers?

Not yet, but in a future version, I plan on adding that feature.

cool! I really find all your games really amazing and it's because of you I make fangames. 

why is your scratch game monetized


wdym by that


how do i use the photon engine website you used? I want to use it for daves house

Well, I used this unity tutorial to get started with using it and went from there to create this prototype. Link:

also how did you optimize the billboards and baldi chasing you for it

Well, you can look at the scripts I changed to adjust for multiplayer here: (The MPGameManager script is used to spawn both players, and the Launcher script is the code for the interface used to connect to an already created server or create one)

you forgot this skin Multiplayer images

Deleted post

Alright, I will consider your idea!


Hey, you can remove the Soon on the GameBanana link since it was approved.

Alright, I have removed it.

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I'll be updating this page soon to include a detailed tutorial on how to create/join a server. Also, videos on the mod are welcome, and I would appreciate it!

Edit: The tutorial video has now been added! Hopefully it helps anyone out that was confused!

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l'll be named Chris24XD on server names.

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How can you know when someone is online?



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l'll be named Chris24XD on servers, ok?



seriously first we have mario 64 pc port and now we have BALDI


Even though I only published this a few hours ago, the servers have already had a max of 9 players playing at once! The data below shows server activity, including activity from when I was testing it. (Each server supports 2 players).

I should of mentioned this earlier, but you can quit a session with another player after joining them by pressing Q.




Ok nice wish Baldi's Basics had multiplayer!

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