Progress On The Next Prototype Version

Welcome to the first devlog on how development on the next prototype version, Baldi's Basics Multiplayer Remake Prototype, has been going so far. I'll show what I've added so far below, as well as improvements from the currently released prototype version.

Additions So Far

  • A username above each player's head, which makes it easy to know who you're playing with and where they currently are.
  • Stamina percentage text above each player's head, which displays that player's current stamina and updates it in real time.
  • Synced audio, which means both players will hear audio when it's playing at the same time!
  • The ability to play more than one game in a server during a gameplay session after quitting the current game.
  • Server stats on the connection UI showing how many players are online, how many players are in rooms, etc.

Improvements From The Currently Released Prototype

  • Remade scripts, which have been adjusted to work better in multiplayer.
  • A revamped connection interface, which makes joining and creating games easier to do! The ability to join/create random rooms has also been added.
  • Fixed billboards, which means sprites that always face the player will show up properly on both players screens.
  • When a door is opened/closed, the change will be synced on both players screens, instead of just on one. This is also true for when a notebook is collected and the notebook counter text gets updated.
  • As well as other smaller improvements.

Hopefully you enjoyed this development update on the next version, and development images are above! See you in the next devlog!

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