BBMPR Prototype V2 Test Build Released

So, I decided to go back and try to create a new prototype that would work better than the previous ones. But, when I was testing it, I was having the same problems the previously released prototypes had (with some things not working correctly or being broken). I did decide to create a zip file with an exe of the test build for anyone interested in trying it (but keep in mind, it doesn't work any better than the previous prototypes, it just uses a different networking system for the multiplayer). Some images from the test build are above. 

To play with someone in this prototype, first someone needs to host a game by clicking the host (server + client) button. Then, to connect to that person's game, you need to type in their ip address (with their consent and permission of course) in the box with the localhost text and then click on the client button. If everything worked correctly, after the setting everything up screen goes away, you should both be in the same game (Note: The connection GUI used is the default one in Mirror/UNet. Also, only the player who hosted the game can open doors, so keep this in mind while playing). I probably won't release another prototype build until I find a way to make everything work better.


Baldi's Basics MPR Prototype V2 Test Build
Feb 21, 2021

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