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I drew Baldi : 

cool art

10.0175 / 10


your welcome, but i'ts true


BFNS Plus is my favorite Baldi's Basics mod , when the Alpha 6 will be released ?


Johnster, can you tell me where is the BFNS Plus Development testers builds page ?

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Can you publish for tomorrow (at least) a version in development, PUBLIC so that everyone can enjoy it (especially me)?

it takes that long to finalize the Alpha 6 ?!


Yes. But before the update is finished, I will probably be releasing an Alpha 6 demo.

well at least how did you get a decompile

also how do you make a 3D preview?


how to download baldi's fun new school plus alpha 6?

Yes, how ?


Well, when I release a public Alpha 6 version (not private like the dev tester builds), it will be available to download from this page.

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Yes, but when ? (I can't wait to try it !!!)

And me too

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I've released the first Alpha 6 development build to development build testers! If you're one of them, please check the BFNS Plus Development Tester Builds page.


this is the best uptade so far :)))))


Where is the BFNS Plus Development Tester Builds page?

on baldis fun new school remastered jam in the "suggetions for 1.4" topic you suggested a few things from baldis basics in edutainment and survival from roblox!

It looks so cool!

I've only got alpha 5 downloaded because I'm on Android and there will probably never will be an android version

JSP will post processing will be in baldi's fun new school remastered


how many Tubes fixeds?

7 or 8?

the floor err!

this is so cool! Guys?

I Don know what if got @the post

Though it's just an early unfinished design, here's a look at an updated version of the results screen that appears after completing a floor.

The adventure mode floor selector, a feature suggested by Shaiw and planned to debut in Alpha 6, will, while enabled from settings, let you play any floor in Adventure Mode regardless of whether you've completed it or not.

Add My Trailer Please

It's a new year, so here's a new Baldi's Fun New School Plus development image. Happy 2022!



I really loved your mod dude, it was so polished and unique compared to other Baldi mods that I consider it to be the best mod. I can't wait for Alpha 6!

Thanks for the video! I have already added it to the BFNS series gameplay playlist, and I'm glad you enjoyed playing it!

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No problem, and thank you for adding it to the BFNS gameplay playlist!


and BBTUD? V2 has been realased!


I saw that, I'l have to make a video on it!




alright it's out if you're intrested!


i may watch it later


I'm love the part off secret ending music

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Excited about the release of BFNSP (A6). Are you going to release it in early 2022 or late 2022?

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Hi JSP but cool game i like it


Hey JSP... Can You Make Open Source Of Baldi Random Level Protoype

1 year of work trying too beat badsum and corrupted baldi and i finnally beat this in story mode

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omg i want the new uptade! i cant wait!

I'm currently working on updating the existing camping and farming field trips in BFNS Plus along with improving them. One of the additions that will be coming to the camping field trip is It's A Bully.

Hi can you upload android pls and where can i sent suggestions?


When is BFNS+ alpha 6 coming?

so you have to wait.

As a part of the Improved Level Design, more window designs and color variations of lockers will be added in Alpha 6. Here's a look at some of them below.


Someone made a baldi's fun new school Remastered rip-off:

Thanks for telling me. From what I can tell, it seems that they just reuploaded the Android version and put ads in it.

I caught them too

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I've got them as well don't worry I'll always catch people who are stealing your games and I will make them pay the price and I hate ads so much the original Android version is much better than this reupload

They also reuploaded baldi's mathin Mondays

Hey JSP.. Can You Add New Characters: Guard (Made By Awecom)

Here Is Characters:

Here Is Prinicpal Office Characters Post Of Guard


Here Is Desc: The Guard Needs Security To Protected Fauctaly Door,Swimming Door And Class Door Randomly

Here Is Guard Sound

Please Make For Alpha 6... Also... Put Me In Credit Plz

Wait a minute he's from baldina basics this character is from another game  if you don't know baldina basic it was a baldi's Basics fan game and he's from another game

I Already Know

Oh okay I'll guess you credited the guy now he could use it in the mod


Hey JSP... I Made The New Trailer Of BFNS+

Here It Is:

Well... Can You Please Add The Trailer Video To The Mod's Pages.

Well... Allowed To Put Game Pages Vimeo... Also... When My Channel Gets Restored... My BFNS+ Will Be Back

Oh Wait... Please Add Me Credit For BL25 Making Trailer:


I'm looking for someone to do voicelines for the player which will be added in a future BFNS Plus update. If you know someone who can do them or if you want to do them yourself, please contact me, either in a reply to this comment or send me an email at

Hey JohnsterSpookGames! It is okay to use 0th Prize and Clocker from Baldi's Fun New School series for my mod?

Yes, you can use those characters.

Deleted 1 year ago

The Trailer Is Deleted... Why... Beacuse My Channel Got Suspend For 2 Weeks

Android game pls

Can you add a beta tester link pls.

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NO... Dont Ask To JSP


shut up.

no, he wont give you one



I've started working on a wiki for the Baldi's Fun New School Series of mods. You can visit it here:


Here's my map:


Hey JohnsterSpaceProgam! How did you make Main Menu like in Baldi's Fun New School Remastered?

I made the main menu in BFNS Remastered by first creating a main menu script (you can view it here: and then I made it so when you click/tap one of the buttons that isn't the play or credits button, the menu camera plays one of its movement animations and the main menu UI gets disabled and once the menu camera finishes its movement animation, the new UI screen gets enabled (achievements screen, settings screen, etc). Each UI screen also has its own script starting with MainMenu (MainMenuAchievements, MainMenuItemAlmanac, etc). This might sound complicated, but hopefully you understand.


Thanks! And i will use this for my big Baldi's Basics mod project named "Baldi's Hyper Fun Schoolhouse"!


I already used this script.

Let Me See Your Game Main Menu How Does Looks Like

Can you make video tutorial not video image like @AlexYoutube plz insist, JSP

I Dont Know How

(Sigh) Ok fine


Im So Exited! For BFNS Alpha 6!

Will be available on Android?

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Maybe when he adds alpha 6

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