A downloadable expedition baldi game for Windows, macOS, and Android

Welcome to Nights With Expedition Baldi: Into The Caves! In this game you must survive several nights at expedition baldi's cave tourism site while avoiding him and his friends. As you progress through the nights, new things are introduced, and you will also learn about the story of what happened to the place. This is a fangame of FNaF and Baldi's Basics which combines game mechanics from both. Even though the full version isn't done yet, a new demo has been released that allows you to experience the first night. I hope you will like this game, and enjoy playing it!

You Can Play The Old Demo Test Version Here: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/311037397/


  • A - Turn Right (Turn Right Button On Mobile)
  • D - Turn Left (Turn Left Button On Mobile)
  • W - Close/Open Door Your Facing (Toggle Door Button On Mobile)
  • S - Turn On/Off Door Light Your Facing (Toggle Light Button On Mobile)

Gameplay Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLURarhFDayNYKblHnlXUEMGj3mLYMTWCo

Install instructions

Download the latest version for your respective platform:

For Windows 64-Bit Users, Download NWEB Demo_Windows 64-Bit

For Windows 32-Bit Users, Download NWEB Demo_Windows 32-Bit

For MacOS Users, Download NWEB Demo_MacOS

And For Android Users, Download NWEB Demo_Android


NWEB Demo_Windows 64-Bit
NWEB Demo_Windows 32-Bit
NWEB Demo_Android


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let me guess , it´s five nights at baldis


In Baldi's fun new school May you please add expedition mode as a field trip


Thanks for android!


Johnster,when are you gonna realese the baldi's fun new school plus 2ys modding anniversary on android platform???🤔

Android demo or fully release


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Can you help me with something please?

Cool best game


a FNAF fangame!

Can you please play my mod and upload the gameplay to youtube?

Link: https://0th-prize.itch.io/baldis-impossible-basics

On android why is my screen purple?

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Look guys what l found:

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Johnster, What's next for your Baldi Creation Build On Andriod? Baldi's fun new school? :3

So, one of the things I might add in the full version are challenge nights. These would be accessed from the extras screen, and would be nights where you must survive under certain circumstances. The only one I've thought of so far is Insane Night (which would be really hard), but I also have ideas for other ones.


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Is good.

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It's BETTER!!!!


Yo, J.S.G. This Is A Great FNAF FanGame! 1000/10 of the great games you have made!


Thanks, glad you like it!

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So, I've just finished building Windows, MacOS, and Android versions of the demo, which I'm planning on releasing publicly tommorow. Hopefully the mobile version doesn't lag too much. I've tried making the GUI optimized on multiple android resolutions. Edit: Just tested the android version on my device, and it actually runs pretty well!

Also, for those who want to make a video on the game, give me a link to the video so I can add it to the gameplay videos playlist.


When making a comment, don't make off-topic or inappropriate comments. Don't spam in the comments either, or I might have to disable them. Also, I do plan on releasing an android version of the demo, here's an image of the controls (might change later):

Ok. Anyways, please resume dev on this game!