A downloadable Minecraft Basics Mod for Windows

So, welcome to the fourth mod in the minecraft's basics series! I hope you will enjoy playing it, and Minecraft Basics 4 will be the next one in the series! This takes place after Enderdragon's Basics. In this mod you play as Joe Belinger, the protagonist.

Herobrine Is Back...

Ever since Minecraft Basics 2: Enderdragon's Basics, I've been thinking about making the next mod in the Minecraft Basics series. Minecraft Basics 3: Herobrine's Return, will be a public demo mod, and will have new sounds, textures, and more! It also marks the first mod in the series since the original that Herobrine is once again the main antagonist and a character you must avoid. Explore the nether fortress and collect the gold ingots while avoiding Herobrine!

The Story

After escaping the end and the enderdragon, you went to the nether to gather some resources. While there, you discovered a nether fortress, and decided to go in and get some loot. You found some gold ingots, so you started collecting them when you realized that you were not ạ̸̓l̶̹̑ǫ̷̆n̷̝͆e̶̜̊. Unfortunately for you, Herobrine has returned after being gone for over a year, and is now once again after you. Can you collect all the gold ingots, avoid Herobrine's friends, and escape? Don't forget to have a f̸̦̔u̴̻̿ṇ̴͛ ̶̱̋t̷͈͝ḯ̴͉m̴͕̈́ě̷!


MB3 Herobrine's Return 1.0.rar 105 MB
MB3 Herobrine's Return 1.0.zip 144 MB

Development log


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Can you make a video of the Creeper indicator heads please?


Can you make a Dev. livestream of the game please?

maybe, but i need to make the new map layout first (like how fun new school had a new map, this one will also)



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Can you make a Game tester exclusive beta for Minecraft's basics 4 when it's 25%?

Maybe, i will have to think about it. The title screen already looks like this (the buttons are 3d)


Looks nice


Can you please tell fasguy to make Baldi's basics full game public demo mod menu? The game is hard and i wanna mod menu for it. Can you tell him to make it on gamebanana?

Look at the comment Barbara sent to you on the trailer of the mod on youtube.

the mod will finally be released today as 1.0, after some delays and me having to make up school work. all the sounds are changed except for some principal ones, so keep that in mind! i am glad to say minecraft basics 4 is already planned, and hopefully will be going into development soon! when it does, i will make a page for it.


Please make Baldi's basics but The floors the walls even the doors are 2d sprites!👍

interesting idea, maybe i will consider it for a mod. it might be called baldi in 2d world.


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hello, i have written this comment in minecraft 1.12.2 using a mod called webdisplays. just look at the image below, its pretty cool.

Deleted 4 years ago

it is called herobrine basics in Minecraft school and the link to the video is https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.youtube.com/wat...

In the video description there should be a link to the download for original Minecraft Basics 1

I'm still sick, so this is still delayed. sorry

I didn't finish my mod in time.

i'm currently sick, so that's why i haven't gotten work done on this, though it is almost finished. in a few days, i should be better. please understand.

How to use Uabe and Unityex? How to use them?

MInd if i Remove my submission From the game jam? I meed to update it. I made a Download For ChefBaldi_Wave0000!

sure, but readd it when you are done updating it!

I'm done!

You should ask Paulor94 how to add the Baldi head that pops out when you make a noise. Then Tell him to make a tutorial on Gamebanana.

Okay, so how to use them?


Can you also make a link for Uabe?

Ok, https://github.com/DerPopo/UABE


I'm making a Baldi's basics full game demo mod and it's called Baldi's big restaurant! It is for your jam! Can you make a link to The unityex download? I don't have it.

ok, here is a link: https://unitylist.com/p/eqf/Unity-Ex

Also, to join the jam, go to https://itch.io/jam/johnsterofficialmoddingjam1 and press the button that says join

The dev stream can be watched below. thanks to those who joined!

Can you Do the Dev. stream now? Barbara's getting bored.


Barbara actually Wanted a Dev. Stream of this mod, not the one that shows the viewer the game when it's finished.

Yes, I will do a dev stream of the mod, of working on it.


You should make Dave's house hard edition. It will be like Dave's house but a bit Harder.

Ok, I might need to change code to make it harder though


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You should make Beta for it when the mod is 95% done. Also, the beta should be on Gamebanana.

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For those who like minecraft, I hope you will like this mod, but for those that hate it, I feel sorry for those people. But anyways, I might do a development stream of working on the mod because someone requested me to do one! :)

I am hoping to release this in a few days, and there is also a minecraft basics 4 spoiler in this mod!


Ooo, spoopy!





Thanks! I hope you are excited to play it, because i'm putting a lot of work into it.