A downloadable Dave's House Mod for Windows

This will be my first Dave's House mod, and my entry for the Dave's House Mod Jam! https://itch.io/jam/daves-house-mod-jam

Anyways, I hope you will enjoy playing this mod, and credit to Moldy99 for making Dave's House!

Story: After reading some comics, you read about Frank, who has a house! He called you and said you need to help him and get all his car parts so he can fix his car! To escape Frank's House, you must collect all the parts, and avoid Frank so you can [REDACTED]! Don't forget to enjoy the house!

Also, I kinda rushed to make this mod in one day, so if its not the best, then that's why. This also kinda has a spoiler for my next planned Dave's House mod I am going to make, not for the mod jam though. Anyways, enjoy playing!

(P.S: Frank is a character from a comic I made, that's where I got the idea from.)


Frank's House.zip 202 MB
Frank's House.rar 195 MB

Development log


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frank sound when frank catch the player:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Can you make a mobile ver pls


Wait what huh?

block TD 7802 and report him he is very mean

I know i will block him beacuse he also were mean to our community i am not gonna block him yet i am gonna just read all hes posts 

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Can you make a mobile port for this game


is there gonna be an fnf song about this?


i searched for virtual open house not this!


love it!

cool mod!



Im glad more people are joining this jam, it aint alot but it counts lol

Yeah. Also, this is my first time doing a game jam, so its a fun experience.

Sounds and most textures have now been done! Might try to finish it today.


Cool! I will play and probably record this when it's released! :)

This is coming soon, stay tuned! (I already made models for Frank for when he is talking, normal, and angry)