A downloadable bbcd mod for Windows

Welcome To Expedition Baldi's Cave Challenges, the next mod in the deep darkness series! This is a mod for the Baldi's Basics - Challenges Demo, so I hope you enjoy it when its finished!

The Story

Expedition Baldi has invited you back to the caves for another expedition. He has given you three fun challenges to try out, how well will you do? Also, expedition baldi has got some new friends, he hopes enjoy exploring the caves in this CrAzY experience!

Baldi's Basics Into The Deep Dark Depths Is One Year Old!

Yes, that's right, about one year ago in April 2019, I released the first mod in the Deep Darkness Series, Baldi's Basics Into The Deep Dark Depths, which has become one of my best mods known. It was the first chapter in the mod series, and later I made chapters 2 and 3.


EBCC V1.1.zip 55 MB
EBCC V1.1.rar 45 MB
Expedition Baldi's Cave Challenges 1.0.zip 70 MB
Expedition Baldi's Cave Challenges 1.0.rar 59 MB

Development log


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i think baldis son loves you..

How did you make Grappling Hook?


you can do bit 32


So how do I change the text and font of the game?

time to download the baldi's basics challenge demo without baldi mod!


how did you mod it ? it always crash when i try to mod it ;-;

i mod it was easy

WHAAAAAAAT?? I even tried on my parents computer thinking it was my computer who had a problem and it didn't work too! Is there another technic to mod it ? I was thinked it was like the classic version!

use unityex

Here's my gameplay!

Thanks for the gameplay!

youre welcome!

The BBITDDD makes me laugh.

The "DDD" part makes me laugh lol.


i am gonna make a video of this now!

are you exited?

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Can you please give me the assset from This Mod and also your Dnspy?

Ok, here are the assets: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CpHMyqGPvApN8ZRy79bF8jILFhPJbIpR/view?usp=shari...

And here is my dnSpy: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1QP9RSlPo7R1ZylMLCrYTCjBeOp96Htlg?usp=sha...

Thanks! I love you So much that i want you to be my Second Dad!


Can I Have Your Dnspy?

Also, Can you please give me the asssets?

You mean, the challenges demo assets, or the assets from this mod?

This Mod.

Can I have your dnspy?

So, 1.0 of this mod is almost done! Most of the text and links have been changed, I just need to finish doing baldi voicelines for the title screen (I have a good baldi voice, but I haven't used it in a while)

Please make a tutorial about how to open Dnspy.

Please reply.

you have to run dnSpy-x86.exe, here is an image.

Okay. Can I have your Dnspy?

Can you make a Public Pre-Release test when it's 25% Done?

Maybe. Also, I found how to change in-game text with MTM101's help! I had to use a hex editor, here is an example below. I was also able to also change the link that brings you to the baldi plus page, so I can make it bring you to MB4's page. 

Can you please make a download of Your UABE?

Please reply.

Ok, here it is: https://github.com/DerPopo/UABE/releases/download/2.2stabled/AssetsBundleExtract...

Can you please ask tom why i was banned from Gamebanana? Also, tell him to unban me. I am starting to cry. waaaaa.

Also, can you make a tutorial about how to add sprites to a animation? the Add Property thing doesn't let me add sprites.

You probably were underage.

So, if anyone got the secret ending in BFNS, then you knew that this mod was coming.

I saw the teaser ending but i didn't know this was coming.


Can you make a download for The things that i need to mod Baldi Android?

Ok, here are links for the things: https://www.7-zip.org/download.html

https://basically-games.itch.io/baldis-basics (Go down to downloads and download the one called "BALDI_1.4.3_Android.apk")


Okay. Thanks!


JSP, Can you give me the download of The Zombie Script and sounds and textures? I will add the Zombie to BFNS 1.1. When the Zombie is added, The updates instead of Saying ''Added Zombie'', They will say ''The MB4 New Characters Have started breaking into Baldi's School!''.

Also, I Was watching how to mod Baldi android. Can you make a download for things i need?

Here is a folder with the zombie's assets and script. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1He1EPAsDn5NWvuRfxlFBKKFrrQ5kNY8q?usp=sha... (The rotten flesh texture is used for the flesh that appears on screen when zombie touches the player)

Okay. Thanks! Yum! (60x) Just like Baldi!