A downloadable app for Windows

Welcome to the Classic JSP Videos App, which is an app (currently only available for Windows but coming to other platforms including Android soon) I am developing that lets you watch some of my old videos from 2017-18. The current version is Alpha 1, but updated versions will be releasing soon.

Some of the features in the current version include:

  • Being able to watch videos even when you are offline
  • A video player interface that lets you pause and resume videos, adjust the volume, restart a video from the beginning, loop a video after it has finished playing, set the speed a video plays at, and exit a video at anytime
  • A video browsing interface that makes it easy to find videos. To change the current page of videos you are on, click on the yellow arrows. To watch a video you've clicked on, just press the play button on the video information screen.

Adjustments/additions in future versions might include:

  • Improvements to the video player interface
  • A menu on the video browsing interface that lets you sort videos by their theme and/or length

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Classic JSP Videos App (Alpha 1).zip 341 MB

Install instructions

Just download the version for your respective platform. Then unzip the file and run the executable to start using the app!


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Can you make open source of Classic JSP Video App if people wanna create it and credit u

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Is this like the collection of your videos?


Hey dude, Can you make the TheBestGroup1234 Video App

All of these videos: https://www.youtube.com/c/thebestgroup1234

after you finish it, sent me open-source at brawniestline25@gmail.co

But will there be a version for the android platform?


Friend me on GameJolt

Please make for mac and Linux plz


The android version of the app will have some differences from the pc versions, such as a slightly different video browsing interface with 3 videos per page instead of 6 since it will be running on mobile devices which usually have smaller screens.

Wheres android johnster???????????