A downloadable Bald's House for Windows

So, this is a mod for Dave's House that changes everything to baldi sounds, textures, and more! Enjoy!

Story: Welcome To Bald's House! It may seem like an educational game at first, but its actually pretty spoopy. Baldi invited you over to help him with getting notebooks. But as soon as you get 2, he gets angry, and now you must collect all 5 and escape the house to win! Don't forget to have fun also!

One thing I like about this game is that it's easy to mod. Also, I was able to code in a new sound that plays when you collect all 5 notebooks, and also fixed the text not changing when you get 5 as well! Anyways, enjoy playing!

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Tags3D, balds-house, daves-house, daves-house-mod
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Bald's House.zip 205 MB
Bald's House.rar 197 MB


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Baldi is weird in this mod....

daves house



Who Made The Stone age mod www.KindlyKeyin/Baldibasics.

it dowelodeing

I tried it, but it only uses WASD keys, not directional ones like it should also support.

You mean the arrow keys? Well I could add movement support for them in my next mod.

Um, The title is misspelled as Bald's house. Can you fix it please?


This game is actually really spoopy! I was very surprised how fast Baldi is. Also this game is very EASY to beat.

yes, the game is made for beginners. But i'm working on a new baldi mod soon

i beat the game!


love it!


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My second Dave's House mod is here! If you played Frank's House, you might of known that this was coming because of the ending spoiler :) (Enjoy playing!)

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