A downloadable Big Spin Basics for Windows

Welcome to Baldi's Big Spin Basics, which is probably the weirdest, craziest, and possibly funniest baldi mod I have made so far. In this mod, you have to avoid spinners, which is anything that spins and grows. There's also some new additions, such as Placeface with some text dialog as well as some new textures and code, including randomized values for the spinning and growing of sprites. Anyways, I hope you will enjoy this mod, and good luck trying to beat it!


In a world full of spinners, no one is safe. It all started several years ago when a spinner entered Here School and affected an object. No one thought much of it at the moment, but eventually the spinners started to multiply and took over the schoolhouse, renaming it to Spin School. Now you, one of the last survivors, must get your friend's notebooks for him while avoiding the spinners before they totally take over. Can you win? I don't know, but you should try!

Mod Wiki Page: https://johnsters-baldi-mods.fandom.com/wiki/Baldi%27s_Big_Spin_Basics

Install instructions

Download the ZIP file for the latest version (V1.1) and unzip the contents to a folder. Then, run the Baldi's Big Spin Basics.exe file to start playing!


Baldi's Big Spin Basics V1.1.zip 49 MB
Baldi's Big Spin Basics V1.0.zip 42 MB
Baldi's Big Spin Basics Unity Project.zip 182 MB

Development log


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baldi's error basics 404 spin_syntax, 

Add BadSum in the game :D

i cant play because i have 32 bits

sorry :(


You had me at Boss Battle .... 


Hi, Again made a video again for V.1.1 on the boss fight!  


can i make a mod of this

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If you waited it out it will be turn bigger and more overwhelming to even watch! Still amazing mod tho!

Hey Johnster! You really are great at modding, so I was hoping you could enter my character contest for my mod? https://harold-the-water-dropper.itch.io/baldis-mystery-face-contest

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After I release V1.1, I'm going to go back to working on Baldi's Roomed School and my Baldi's Basics 1.3.2 Unity 5 port projects, as I think people would be more interested in those compared to this. You can help me decide which of those projects I should finish first here: https://www.youtube.com/post/UgwkC9p-QIhraSTBnyh4AaABCQ.

Make Baldi's fun new school plus Halloween edition

V1.1 is coming along nicely! I've already added and improved some things, and the update should be ready soon!


Just made a video if your mod love it! Please make more! Can you add my name to the youtubers list Glass Bottle Games Thank you! :)


Alright, I will add your name to the list in the next update! Thanks for the gameplay video!

No problem!


I'll admit that I made this mod partly as a joke mod, but in the future, I'll release updates that add more new content to this. (Besides Placeface and some changed textures)

Well, if you're planning on upgrading the title screen, here's a fact: The font for "BASICS" is actually Baskerville Old Face. Here's proof:

I was just letting you know.

It's times new roman.

maybe make it so the placeface dialog makes actual sense and that the ending part isnt just random words

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This mod is very much cool

Deleted post

Shut up


Because he made Baldi's fun new school plus 2 year anniversary Android but is not here


Wow I bet that mod took you a while


Nice mod


Thanks, I tried some new things in it!


In the near future, I'm planning on releasing a V1.1 update for this mod, which will hopefully add some more new things. I might start working on the update tommorow. For now, enjoy playing V1.0!

Make 1.2