A downloadable mod archive project for Windows

Welcome to the Baldi's Basics Mod Archive Project, which is a community project I'm working on that aims to archive as many appropriate baldi's basics mods as possible and make them easily accessible to download and play via a mod launcher (which will be made available once some mods have been added to the archive). This will be so that if the mod becomes unavailable from it's original site in the future, you'll still be able to download and play it from the archive!

But I Need Your Help!

Due to the large amount of baldi's basics mods that exist out there, I only have time to add some of them myself to the archive. For other ones, I need your help with finding and archiving them. You can submit mods to the archive by filling out this form (https://forms.gle/dNMZwDedAbYVZCaT9) but remember to follow the rule that the mod must be appropriate , so that your submission gets accepted and added to the archive.

About The Mod Launcher

The mod launcher is where you view information about mods in the archive, as well as download and play them from. The latest version of the mod launcher is 1.1.2, and it includes features like:

  • Being download and play multiple versions of a mod
  • Checking for and downloading updates to the mod launcher
  • Mod of the week, where every week a mod is highlighted
  • The ability to create custom mod entries (Added in V1.1)
  • Changeable settings (Added in V1.1.1)

You can download the mods from here: Baldi's Basics Archived Mods 1.

Thanks for checking out this project, and consider helping add to it!

©2022 JohnsterSpaceProgram And Others!

Install instructions

Download the mod launcher's zip file. To avoid any potential mod download problems when using it, extract the zip file to your desktop. Then just click on the exe file to start the mod launcher.


BBMAP Mod Launcher 1.1.2.zip 25 MB

Development log


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I just submitted Garrett's Funny Animal Game to this thankfully. I wanted to preserve the mod because It was a mod that was connected to Dave's Fun Algebra Class and as a part of the Baldi's Basics community and the Dave and Bambi community I needed to do that. If I didn't it would be Lost forever and it would never be seen again.

I like the launcher thanks JSP For the launcher, i can upload my mods

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Bro stop stealing other people's Baldi mods my guy


woah chill

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BrawniestLine25 i know it's you don't try nothing stupid

Deleted 112 days ago
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Lmao noone cares if you blocked me from both twitter and youtube i'll still be targeting you for proof until you leave the internet Dumbfuck

Dude, this is for everyone who misses the old mods.

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Remember this Racist?



This Is Not Stolen

Can you release it on android




ok 8 years old

1. i was the 1st person too add the mod

2. i am going to tell johnster to ban you.

nah bam is


so sad to see your dumb lol


who are you talking to?

How I do to put Mod's description and Image URL?

Not to be that guy, but is this on a hiatus or something? I’ve just been waiting for an update and noticed it’s been on 1.1.2 for a bit, though now I assume you were busy on your bb+ dev build recreation









pls continue work baldi tower defense



unblack list garfelf

he wont cuz swearing

even tho kid love swear!!!!


This week's mod of the week is the Become Baldi mod! You can watch the MOTW video on it below or from the mod launcher by going to the mod and clicking on the video button that appears.

i wanna play baldi's basics in five nights but i cant play the nights



This week's mod of the week is Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered Pro! You can watch the MOTW video on it below or from the mod launcher by going to the mod and clicking on the video button that appears.


Can you make the download speed more good? It feels like I'm downloading a 3gb file with just 2mb/s


V1.1.2 is now available for download! One of the new additions added in this update is a download counter on the mod info screen. It lets you see how many times each non custom mod entry mod has been downloaded. If you aren't connected to the internet though, the number will just appear as -1 downloads.

Can you put Bob's Basics in Building and Behavior, Real Life Baldi Basics, and Roblox's Basics?

hey jhonsterspace! im sure bob basic is a okay mod to be added. if you can, can i send you the link to maybe add it?

there is a google forms form in the description, fill that out.

i know, i found it out after i sent this

Deleted 220 days ago

how do i make sure that my mods never get added to this list


because i want my mods to only be downloadable from my page

I mean fair enough

Are fangames included?


This week's mod of the week is Baldi's Basics Full Remastered! You can watch the MOTW video on it below or from the mod launcher by going to the mod and clicking on the video button that appears.


in the next update or patch,

Add More Mods:

The Totally Legit Learning Game With Yassmeen

The Totally Legit Learning Game With Yassmeen Camping

CupGabriel's Modding Schoolhouse (A Baldi's Basics Mod)

CupGabriel's Modding Schoolhouse CHAPTER 2: Camping in CupGabriel's Modding Forest (A BBFT Mod)

CupGabriel's Modding Schoolhouse CHAPTER 3: The return of the random guy (A BBIEAL Mod)

CupGabriel's Modding Schoolhouse CHAPTER 4: Into the dark sewers (A BBIEAL Decompile)

Troll Face's Basics (A Baldi's Basics Mod)

Axl's Basics 86: Cherry's Invasion

Shut up underaged idiot

Get friends, at least one

Leave Me Alone Bart

what did you just call me you idiot


can you put my mod here?


Yes, as long as it's appropriate. Can you give me a link to it?

in the next update or patch, can you include a setting to deactivate the .txt pop ups?

(1 edit) (+1)

Alright, I will add that setting in the next update.

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I've always wanted to be a modder...

Me too...


how will we know if our submissions get added or were rejected?

(i submitted honey i shrunk the student and play as baldi)

(1 edit)

I just submitted 3 mods related to Monika from ddlc, I haven’t tested them to see if they’re entirely clean (appropriate) but the friend who sent me them said they were

Mods: Monikas Basics, Camping With Monika, Monikas Basics Reboot

What, you made those mods? Those mods are great!

I unfortunately didn’t, I simply submitted the mods

oh that's so cool

you can submit your favourite mods aswell remember

you don't have to have made them to submit them

(1 edit)

It's Me Again, The Creator Of Meta Knightmare Basics Kyle Gamer 19. I Have a fact For you all. 

Did you Know that The First Version Of Meta Knightmare Basics Was First Released On July 1st 2018 On Gamejolt, And The "Remake" (Or Beta) Version Of Meta Knightmare Basics Was Released On October 24th 2018, Making It One Of The Earliest Baldi's Basics Mods After Madden's Basics In football.

Show post...



So, it seems like the mod launcher is currently experiencing an issue with properly downloading mods. I'm currently working on fixing the problem, and will release a fixed version when I find a solution.

I can't unzip a mod

Yes me too

It doesn't work for me!


Hello, I have submitted my old, bad and cringe mod that was made in somewhat 2020.

Hi dude, i will have to take a break from GameJolt until 1st may to be good person and yes, i tell GameJolt to ban my GameJolt account for no reason

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I will improve better + i will admit my wrongdoing like Gian did this

Can I continue Baldi's Hyper Fun School

(Yes, Maybe Or no)


Make A Header and a Profile For Me

My Email Is: mayaramkissoon@gmail.com

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