A downloadable multiple schools for Windows and macOS

So yeah, my Baldi's Basics in Multiple Schools mod is now available on itch io for download! And it also includes a new Beta 1b MacOS version! Enjoy playing!

This mod adds more schools you can visit in BBIEAL, besides just the classic (normal) one. You can watch the videos below to see these new schools in action.

Story: You friend lost his notebooks, but this time at multiple schools in the here school district! Now you have to go to these new schools and get the noteboos for him so he can learn to eat!

The Schools are:

1. Classic School
Desc: The classic, normal BBIEAL school. Although it has an elevator as an addition.

2. First School
Desc: Revisit the first version of Here School, from BBIEAL 1.0! Has things present from the original version, like no 1st Prize, and giant globes in the Principal's Office. Also like in 1.0, this school is harder than the other ones.

3. Baldi's Old Schoolhouse
Desc: No characters except Arts & Crafters and 1st Prize.
Some walls, doors, and other things are missing...

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Sep 08, 2019
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withPaint.net, Unity, Audacity
Tags3D, baldi-mac, baldi-mod, Baldi's Basics, Parody, Retro, satire, Spoopy
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

For Windows Users, Download Beta 1, The Latest Windows Version.

For MacOS Users, Download Beta 1b, The Latest Mac Version.


Baldi's Multiple Schools Beta 1b.zip 46 MB
Baldi's Multiple Schools Beta 1b.rar 41 MB
Baldi Multiple Schools Beta 1.zip 45 MB
Baldi Multiple Schools Beta 1.rar 39 MB

Development log


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pls android


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I Made Baldi Basics Multiplie School 2 By Adding GameMode Folder

I Hope You Like It


Can Get Android?



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I can't open the application for macOS. Please help me how?

It says "You do not have permission to open the application. Contact your admin for assistance".

If you have macOS Catalina or macOS Big Sur, watch this tutorial 

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Thanks for the video tutorial. But I’m already using Windows 10 for playing Baldi’s Basics.

hmm this is great but i got go it more schools there camp and 3D

3d is accutaly blue screen

camp is yellow screen


its so easy i won first try 

I had just turned 23 on the day of the porting to itch!

Please pentru. Android the Ios



0th prize ur a lost charecter plz tell me ur life in baldi's basics i love 0th prize


Can you add me into the game?

no asking for your addition into a  mod in the halls.


Hey Johnster I'm a fan of your mods and noticed baldi's bakery is not on here. Can I upload it on itch.io?


Sure, just make sure to credit me for making the mod!

Thanks! I'm going to upload it now

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WHAT HAPPEND TO Baldi's Fun New School + ???

God when will you make Beta 2

Its been a year

I released the Beta 1b version on Gamebanana and Gamejolt now, so you can get the Mac version on those websites now!


Hey JohnsterSpaceProgram, are you planning more updates? This has been in beta for almost a year.


Well, maybe once I finish work on some other mods. I still have the project's files, so I can still work on it. Some of my other decompile mods though I lost the files for.



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If you want to download the mod on MacOS, download the Beta 1b version. For Windows, download the Beta 1 version. Also, keep in mind if you try downloading Beta 1b on Windows, it won't work. Same for Beta 1 on Mac. So download your platform specific version.