A downloadable BBFTD Android Port for Android

So, this is a port of Baldi's Basics Field Trip Demo to Android that I created in a few hours! If you've ever wanted to play the Baldi's Basics Field Trip Demo on Android, now you can! This is also based on V1.1 of the demo, meaning it has everything that was added in that version. Anyways, I hope you enjoy playing this port, which should be mostly bug free! Also, I recommend you download the updated version.


Joystick - Move Around

Hand Button - Interact With Sticks And The Campfire

Mirror Button - Look Behind You

Run Button - Sprint

Pause Button - Pause The Game

Exit Button - Quit The Game

Drop Sticks Button - Drop All Sticks You're Currently Holding


Basically Games - Made Baldi's Basics Field Trip Demo

JohnsterSpaceProgram - Created BBFTD Android Port

SeenWonderAlex - Made Platforms Unity Asset


Gamebanana Download: https://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/13196

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Install instructions

Note: Your Device Must Be Running Android 4.1 Or Higher To Install This Application. Download the apk on your device. If it says you need to enable install from unknown sources, enable it and then install the apk. Afterwards, when it's done installing, tap on the app to open it and start playing! It has also been tested to work on newer kindle fire devices.


BBFTD 1.1 Android Port Mod Menu.apk 25 MB
BBFTD 1.1 Android Port Updated.apk 25 MB
BBFTD 1.1 Android Port.apk 24 MB

Development log


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I made tutorial video of this

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Hi, I copied the mod page wait, wait, it's just so if this gets deleted it's a workaround! 

If you want the mod page here it is : https://robloxultra.itch.io/baldi-field-trip-demo-android-port-just-in-case-if-the-original-port-gets-delete

Hey JSP... I Made Install Instruction Video So You Can Add Video On Install Instruction Please...

Alright. Thanks for making the tutorial, and it has been added.

This is just what i need

Baldi Basics Field Trip Demo v1.1 Is Now WebGL

Play Here:https://simmer.io/@BrawniestLine25/baldi-basics-field-trip-demo-v1-1

That mod is cool

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How to make android mobile in baldi basics classic? can u  say me pls how to do that?

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Infinite Baldi's + Infinite Principle of the thing= INFINITE CHAOS

By the way I used an autoclicker to do that

I'm scared of infinite chaos you cloned every character that's nice I love your video I mean your videos

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Make baldi plus Android but it's cost money. Or not.

that is illegal


Hey  johnster have you made the link for android version of 



Here's some screenshots of me spawning a bunch of clones with the mod menu version. Surprisingly, when I spawned a large amount of baldi and principal clones in the school scene (first image below), the game still ran pretty well.


So good but... You make decompile for android? In twitter you published video with decompile... In video you test mobile control


That was for Baldi's Roomed School, which I'm still working on making an android version of that.


Tommorow I'll be updating the port to add some improvements such as tweaked button sizes and better resolution textures.

Hey johnster can make a port BBFGPD

The game is very well recreated, but for some reason the fire is not fueling when I drop the sticks

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It's because dropping the sticks doesn't refuel the fire. It just removes all sticks you currently have. You have to press the interact button to pick up sticks and press it again near the fire while you have sticks to refuel it.

Oh, ok

Epic port to be honest 


Good android? or decompile mod? idk

but Good Mod


Great android port of the Field Trip demo!



No problem!

I agree