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Did you know that Nostalgia is a Greek word?

Nice decompile, looks like the original old Roblox/Dynablocks.

nice decompile mod. Smooth Animation, New character,

Rating: 100000/1

me are you but what i am

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Release date for BETA 2B  Please!

and Release date for x86 version please

please reply me again :)

Help it´s not working on Windows 7 x86 (x32)

Plz help i want to play

hmm... maybe that is because I have only made 64-bit versions. If i make a 32-bit version, that might fix it. I will try to make one soon.


Also, You should add a achievement that you have to give Dynablocks 3 Ice creams for him. There should be 4 Ice creams, Here's a example of one of them, One in the cafeteria.


Baldi's son here, I would like to make a item idea and it's called Ice cream for Dynablocks. When he touches you, he will freeze up and eat it for 15 seconds.

Thanks for the idea, i will consider it for Beta 2!

Oh, Thanks!

New Achievment: 2D Pro!

Description: Get the normal ending at 2D Mode.

Image: White 2D DynaBlock (Baldi) (btw it will be the player)


New Achievement:

Name: When Will You Ever Follow The Rules In The Dynablocks Place?

Description: Get 25 Seconds Of Detention

Image: The Admin Of The Place

ok, thanks!

*click* Noice!


epic mod


JSP Can you tell us where is the secret room?

Ok, i will say where it it soon, when a new update is released in a few days



I would like to request a mod where flowey is baldi

sans is bully

paps is pricipal

frisk is gotta sweep

toriel is first prize

and  undyne is arts and crafters


at the secret ending, does this mean…

arts and crafters and admin of the thing were evil for the  whole time?!

yes, that is the plot twist I think


Then im a GENIUS! (I'm the 2nd version of Kayıpkux btw)

here are some screenshots from the secret ending

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where is the secret area? i almost finished the achievments


Code: 542681

yes, that is the secret code (on a chalkboard)


What does "beat The coin collect click's hard mode" mean?

It means, you have to beat the hard version of the clicking minigame you sometimes get when you touch the new character (easy = 2 coins, medium = 4 coins, hard = 7 coins). The difficulty is randomized each time so you have to get lucky.

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İ got The secret ending 2nd try and i find the code

Btw i beat The game at 1st try my boi


heck yeah

The beta version of this mod is now out! Enjoy exploring what's new, and trying out the new gamemode, which is 2D mode!