BETA 2 is out!

Beta 2 of the trump mod is out! Here are some new changes:

Changed Notebooks to MDollars (0/7 Notebooks to 0/7 MDollars)
Endless Mode Changed To Make America Great Again Mode
The Jump Rope is now made of Dollars
The Sky Background is New York City Now 

Baldi Talking Animation Fully Replaced To A Trump One
Some More of The Baldi Wave Animation has Been Replaced
Location of Obama Care on Obama Moved
Nod Animation Changed to Angry Trump Face
Plant and Phone Changed to Tree and Nokia Phone
Added Trump Tower Poster
New Items Appear When You Die in The Game
Some New Sounds
New Win Screen (Getting 7/7 MDollars 4/4 Exits, Not The One Where You Get All Answers Wrong)

And some other things are changed too! Enjoy this new beta, and record a video if you want!


Donald Trump's Basics (BETA 2).zip 57 MB
Jul 06, 2018

Get Trump Basics in Being President and Politician (Baldi's Basics Mod BETA)

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