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I hope, my new project can help build map here!

cool map

Why when I submit my map to the google forum to post the map it went and nothing tried again nothing By the way, (I made this map myself.)

baldi og schoolhouse

Literally you got the time to recreate baldi's schoolhouse.

that actually looks cool

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Deleted 14 days ago

play the level now!


me 2 notebooks


thank you jsp


Some development screenshots of Demo 2 of the level editor. The new way of placing tiles is planned to work something like this. You click on a tile at the top to select it. As you move your cursor around, the tile you've selected would follow your mouse and snap to the ground. Then, after hovering over where you want to place the tile, just click again to place it. While moving your tile around, you can press R to rotate it. Also, you would be able to change the textures for tiles by clicking on the floor, wall, and ceiling texture icons on the right. The next tile you select and place after doing that would have your changed wall, floor, and ceiling textures.

A bit of constructive criticism.

  1. It's very annoying to rotate tiles. It would be so helpful to just press R and have a rotated tile.
  2. Adding things like doors is so confusing. I didn't know you were meant to remove the wall and I spent forever trying to figure out how to stop it from clipping.
  3. The topdown view's fixed perspective is so annoying. There's no way to rotate the camera at all, so levelmaking is a lot harder.
  4. It's not made very obvious that this editor can only make levels, and you're unable to play them. I'm completely willing to wait until the game comes out to be able to play the level, but I never got told anything anywhere about that.
  5. You can't mute the music. It would just be nice if you could.

Thanks for the constructive criticism. In the demo 2 version, I'm planning on making some changes to the level editor to make it easier to use. Also, the level editor will now be a part of the floor customizer gamemode in Ultimate Edition, and this page is just for trying out the demo version of it.

No problem! I can't wait to try the full game.

this is a my level


Guys,look at my level


I can't believe that it's already been 99 days since the demo of this level editor was released. The next version I'm planning on releasing will be Demo 2. One of the improvements planned to be included in that version will be a drag and drop interface, where you click on the tile type you want to place, drag over where you want to place it, and then click to a place a tile over that location. It should work better than the method used in the Demo version for placing tiles.

i know im gonna love this!

I can't wait for the full Editor to come

It will in BFNS+ Ultimate edition.


how do I play my Level, I made a cool level and I wanna play it

what does yo level look like?


cool level!

Where's The Start Button At Baldi Fun New School Ultimate Edition Level Editor? 🤨

Deleted 71 days ago

please make "Baldis Fun New School! + Classic Birthday Bash v.1.0"

New machine and poster:


well, this editor sucks. hope it will get better

Why would you say that? Do you have any ideas for how I could make it better?


Okay, so:

  1. There is no keyboard control to select tiles, you have to select them with the mouse. I need to do the same thing even if I just want to make a straight corridor.
  2. The camera is very bad, I can only rotate it 180 degrees.
  3. I can't change the position of the exits.
  4. I can't turn off the music.

The most important thing is the 1st issue. I just can't work in an editor where you have to select something in the menu with your mouse, which is why in all my prototype editors most of the control is on the keyboard.

Hi! Do you know when Baldi's Basics Plus Ultimate Edition will come out? Thanks in advance!

Me 2 notebook

Deleted 70 days ago

add a Supply door for gotta sweep

Deleted 30 days ago

its imposible


Phew I thought you weren't gonna add zolt

Deleted 30 days ago
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Doors in Walls???

I know, how to fix this

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It's October, so you know what that means...It's JohnsterSpookProgram time! For those who are new, essentially what I do is every October for the rest of the month, I change JohnsterSpaceProgram to JohnsterSpookProgram. And since I'm also back from my modding break, it means that work on future BFNS Remastered updates, a possible Zolt spinoff mod, and BFNS Plus Ultimate Edition will continue! Happy October 2022! Also, I'm going to start adding levels that have been submitted to the level submission form. You can find them here when they become available for download.


Uhhh What Time To Baldi's Fun New School Plus Uitmate Edition Is Out?


Dash6666 you can't play the level becuse the Baldi Fun New School Plus Ultimate Editon its not relase

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How To Play Level


how do i rotate the walls


Click Wall And Look Up And You Can See Rotation


here’s and idea: there should be like you can add characters and you could put like wich character you want to add! (i hope this idea is accepted)


yeah like set up the characters


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