Welcome to this recreation of Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning: Development Build! For those who don't know, it was a very early version of what would eventually become Baldi's Basics Plus and gameplay was shown in a video released by mystman12 on March 12, 2019. 

This recreation is meant to show what that development build might of been like based on the gameplay footage in the video. It includes empty wooden faculty rooms, notebooks being in the center of each classroom, the earlier elevator gate design, and more!

NOTE: While this recreation should be mostly accurate, there are some minor differences compared to the original to differentiate it. Also, if you want to play with subtitles, you have to be playing the non-browser version, which you can download below.


  • W, A, S, D - Move Around
  • Shift - Hold Down To Run
  • Right Click - Pick Up Notebooks And Items
  • Alt+F4 - Quit The Game



BBIEAL Dev Build Recreation Update.zip 35 MB
BBIEAL Dev Build Recreation Update.rar 28 MB

Install instructions

Download and unzip the file to a folder. Then run the exe file to start playing!

Development log