A downloadable baldi's basics fangame for Windows

Baldi's Basics The Ultimate Quiz is a baldi fangame I am working on. I've only recently started it though, so there isn't much.  This is also my first baldi fangame and second unity game from scratch I've tried making, so I'm still learning how to make better games! With the current alpha version, you get some levels to try out, along with secrets and a minigame! (More levels and minigames are coming soon) (The recommended resolution you should play the game in is between 1280x720 and 1366x768) Enjoy playing the game, and I hope you like it!

(Also, credit to mystman12 for making Baldi's Basics and some of the characters, sounds, and textures used!)


WASD - Move 

Spacebar - Look Behind

Escape - Pause Game

N - Resume Game While Paused

Click - Interact With Objects, Pick Up Items

Shift - Run (Watch Your Stamina!)


baldiisagoodperson, Modls, G-Rex Studio - Made Baldi Fangames, Inspired Me To Make My Own

Filename3 - Helped Me With The Clock Script, Player Collision On Some Levels

RealT5mpler, 1st Baldi - Helped Me With Getting Elevator Script Working

Basically Games - Made BBIEAL, Some Textures, Sounds Used


Baldi's Basics The Ultimate Quiz Alpha 0.7.zip 54 MB
Baldi's Basics The Ultimate Quiz Alpha 0.7.rar 49 MB
BBTUQ Alpha 0.6.zip 47 MB
BBTUQ Alpha 0.6.rar 42 MB

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